Kelly Clarkson Really Is All of Us When She Freaks Out Over The Vampire Diaries to Paul Wesley. Day after day, Kelly Clarkson finds new ways to prove just how relatable she is. The Voice coach and host of The Kelly Clarkson Show did it again when Paul Wesley, he of The Vampire Diaries and Tell Me a Story fame, appeared as a guest on her show. "Do you remember we met years ago? I was on tour," Clarkson told Wesley. She was on tour and visited The Vampire Diaries set. "I don't think you knew I was a REAL fan," Clarkson confessed. "Yeah, I didn't and I'm really flattered," Wesley told her. "That's so great." When they met, Clarkson said she was "low-key" and "real quiet about it," but in her head, "I was like 'What up Stefan!'" "I loved that show. I thought the chemistry was so great, the writing was so cool. I love anything and all vampires," Clarkson said. "Vampires are sexy." She didn't touch upon it, but now we're dying to know Clarkson's thoughts on all those headlines Wesley and Nina Dobrev made about their early relationship on The Vampire Diaries. "I think the point that Nina was making, and that I'll totally back her up on this, is that we totally clashed the first couple years in terms of just getting on each other's nerves, and then developed this wonderful friendship," Wesley said after Dobrev's comments that the two "despised" each other early on made the rounds. "I think sometimes when people work together non-stop, do press non-stop for years and years on end, you don't appreciate the person that's in front of you. It's like the people that kind of maybe you don't get along with in the beginning later, surprise you, you know? And I think a lot of my friendships are like that." "I love you so much," Clarkson told Wesley. The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays, check your local listings. (Eonline)

Stacey Dooley's BBC documentary uncovers the devastating truth about the whaling industry. And it's not easy viewing. Professional Netflix binger. Sauvignon Blanc aficionado. Passionate about Spaghetti Vongole. Stacey Dooley returns to BBC with another killer documentary, Stacey Dooley Investigates: The Whale Hunters. In this mind-blowing episode, Stacey travels to the Faroe Islands to uncover the truth about the whaling industry, a practice that remains rife across many areas of the world including Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Japan. Despite being widely banned, groups of individuals in Denmark's Faroe Islands have gathered together to hunt whales for over 1000 years. Described as 'the grind', Stacey investigates the process of whale hunting where the creatures are brutally dragged to the shore and slaughtered to death using knives and a spinal lance. The best documentaries to watch on Netflix right now. Aside from the incredibly upsetting and distressing footage of shores dyed red from blood, this hard-hitting documentary highlights the severe lack of regulation around whale hunting. In recent years, the use of a lance which instantly paralyses the animal has been encouraged to ensure a quick, painless death, but the documentary uncovers the reality that whales and dolphins can struggle for up to five hours after a lance is applied due to frequent human error. In one scene, Stacey discusses the cruelty of hunting with Kate Sanderson, an advisee for the Faroese government on responsible hunting. "There can be too much suffering for individuals animals in some cases. But it is a slaughter of wild animals in an uncontrolled environment, so it's never going to be completely clinical, like it might be in a slaughterhouse," she stated. Despite the documentary only being released, the response has been so powerful that the Faroe Island's government wrote to the BBC admitting the lance did not work as effectively on bottlenose dolphins as pilot whales. Bravo, Stacey, for another hugely impactful documentary that cannot be missed. Stacey Dooley Investigates: The Whale Hunters is available to stream on iPlayer. (British Glamour)


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