Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita Expecting Their First Child Together. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are starting their own modern family! The actor announced on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he and his husband are expecting their first child. Ferguson dropped the exciting news while he, James Corden and Charlie Hunnam talked about what it feels like to be in your 40s. As Corden, 41, asked Ferguson, 44, "Was turning 40 a big deal for you, just psychologically?" "Yeah," the star responded. "You know what it is? It's like you said, it's when you finally become an adult, I feel. Like I need to start getting serious about things." And that's when his big reveal came. "This is something I haven't even mentioned to anyone, if we can keep it between the three of us and you all," he joked to the audience, "but I'm actually expecting a baby in July with my husband! But shhh, don't tell anyone. Let's just keep it between us." As the Modern Family actor continued, "I'm very excited, but it feels like I'm 44 now. I'm like, let's get this show going! I mean, it's already tick tock." A giddy Corden then asked, "Oh, my god! Do you know what you're having? A boy? A girl?" As Ferguson perfectly replied, "A human." The host couldn't help but gush over the couple's happy news. As he said, "Oh, my god. You are going to make the best parents, the two of you. You really are." July is going to be quite the month for the dads-to-be! Not only will their bundle of joy arrive that month, but the couple will also be ringing in their seventh wedding anniversary on July 20. If the baby arrives that day, consider us emotional. Of course, Ferguson took some time during his appearance on the late-night show to talk about the final season of Modern Family. With only three episodes left to film, the host asked the actor what the mood is like on set. As he responded, "Charlie and I were just talking about this backstage. It's incredibly sad! Something that I've been doing for 11 years. It's like first through 11th grade when I was a kid. It seems like a lifetime. Now it's flown by." "The schedule is so wonderful," he continued. "We work very short hours, the writing is so fantastic. Yesterday, I was shooting a scene with Sofia Vergara. She only was in the first scene of the day, so she was done shooting for the entire day at 8:30 in the morning. And she was like, in morning rush-hour traffic going home, she was like, 'Aye, it is never going to be this way when I do Narcos.' We'll never have a job this good." He also revealed that he hasn't started saying his goodbyes to the cast and crew yet because, well, it's just too hard! "I'm big with an Irish exit," Ferguson shared. "I do not like long goodbyes, so maybe that's what I'll do. Just like after my last scene, I'll just leave the lot and just drive home. I feel like that's the only way I'll be able to manage this. It's really emotional." And then, Corden hit Ferguson with this absolutely heartwarming line. "On your last day of Modern Family," he said, "knowing what we know now, you should think, 'I'm leaving Modern Family behind.' And come July, you're gonna make your new modern family. And it's gonna be beautiful." We're not crying, you're crying. Congratulations to the happy family! (Eonline)

Channing Tatum and Jessie J Are Officially Back Together Nearly 2 Months After Split. Jessie J and Channing Tatum are giving their relationship another go. A source exclusively tells E! News the singer and actor are "fully back together", weeks after they ended their relationship in 2019. The insider shares, "They took a few weeks apart but ultimately decided they really care about each other." With this bump in the road behind them, the source says the celeb duo "seem very happy to be spending time together again." This was definitely evident when an eyewitness spotted the then-exes shopping in LA about a week ago. The source told E! at the time, "No PDA but both were in great moods and together the whole time while giving their opinions on different items." Since running errands that day, it seems relations between the Magic Mike star and Brit have only improved with quality time. "Jessie has been staying at Channing's house this past week," the insider reveals. "They are super giddy around each other." It would seem it was only a matter of time before the stars got back together. The source who confirmed their breakup said that while they were no longer together, they parted on good terms. Back in October, a source told E! things were serious between the pop star and actor, but not serious enough to consider marriage. "They aren't there yet, but they love their life together and what they have," the insider explained. "He loves seeing her perform and traveling with her. They have a good thing going." So good, it appears the two couldn't stay away from each other. Channing's rep didn't respond to request for comment. (Eonline)

Lena Waithe and Wife Alana Mayo Split. Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo have decided to go their separate ways, E! News has exclusively learned. The news comes two months after announcing they secretly married. A statement was shared with E! News about their decision to split. "After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," a joint statement from their reps read. "We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy during this time." Back in November, the Emmy winner told Ellen DeGeneres and John Legend on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she and Mayo tied the knot in a private ceremony at a San Francisco courthouse. "We didn't make any announcements or a big... We went to San Francisco. We went to the courthouse," Lena explained at the time. "Got married right in front of [late gay rights activist and politician] Harvey Milk's bust." "[It was] her idea, as all good things are," she continued. "And she was just driving and she saw the courthouse and she said, 'We should get married there.' And I said, 'Cool, I'm down.'" The couple announced their engagement in 2017, and had been dating for quite some time before taking their romance to the next level. (Eonline)

Brad Pitt Jokes About Aging: 'I No Longer Remember the First Rule of Fight Club'. The star received the Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday. Brad Pitt has a good sense of humor about growing older. On Wednesday night, the Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood star was honored with the prestigious Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The award celebrated Pitt's long career in Hollywood and was presented to him by director David Fincher, who worked with Pitt on iconic films like Fight Club and Seven. "It's things like this and nights like these that tell me that I'm old," Pitt, 56, joked at the beginning of his acceptance speech, according to Entertainment Tonight. "I've been around a while and I've been doing this for a bit." The actor then explained all of the ways he can tell he's growing older. "I can't stand night shoots anymore, and I'll gladly hand a stunt over to a stunt man. I no longer remember the first rule of Fight Club," Pitt quipped, referencing the famous line from the 1999 movie. "But it's also nights like this where I get to look back and I feel really, really blessed," Pitt continued. "I feel so fortunate to all the amazing people I've been able to work with who have taught me so much and who've touched my life. From editors and composers, and amazing directors ... Really beautiful, amazing people. I just feel really blessed to be here and I feel grateful for this." The Santa Barbara International Film Festival honor comes amid a busy awards season for Pitt, who recently received an Oscar nomination for his role as an aging stunt double in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. The star won the best supporting actor prizes at both the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, and is the favorite to win the Oscar in the same category in February. (He is up against Tom Hanks for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Anthony Hopkins for The Two Popes, Al Pacino for The Irishman, and Joe Pesci for The Irishman.) During the SAG Awards earlier this week, Pitt reunited with his Fight Club costar Helena Bonham Carter. In a photo of the sweet moment, the former costars were all smiles as they chatted and embraced each other in a friendly hug during the ceremony in Los Angeles. Released in 1999, Fight Club (based on the book of the same name, by Chuck Palahniuk) tells the story of a "Narrator," played by Edward Norton, while Pitt's Tyler Durden is a mental projection of him. Bonham Carter plays Durden's (and, in turn, the Narrator's) love interest, Marla Singer. The initial negative reception to the Fincher directed film came as a surprise at the time to Pitt, who earlier this month said that he recalled seeing audience members "just slowly get up from their seats and no one is talking and they kind of disappear from the screening." He added during his interview on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, "I remember looking at Fincher and being like, 'Oh my God, what the f -- did we do? What happened?' I thought that s -- was great." (People)

Cheer's Gabi Butler Speaks Out About Her Controversial Parents. It's safe to say the world is flipping out over Cheer. The Netflix documentary series -- released in early January -- follows Navarro College's cheerleaders as they prepare to take on Daytona's NCA National Championships -- and compete for their 14th top title. And while viewers at home (including Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen) rooted for Jerry Harris to make mat, Morgan Simianer to stick the pyramid and Mackenzie "Sherbs" Sherburn to recover from a tragic fall, they were hesitant to cheer on Gabi Butler's rather, er, spirited parents. Throughout the six-episode show, the Boca Raton-based couple seemed to put too much pressure on their daughter, going as far as criticizing her for eating a single egg. (Instead, her mom recommended she choose jackfruit, which would allegedly keep her full for up to 12 hours.) And now, following the Internet backlash, the 22-year-old addressed the controversy during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "When the show came out, we all watched it together as a family and we were like, 'Oh wow,'" she admitted to host Ellen DeGeneres. "It was a really big eyeopener for all of us." "My parents were like, 'Wow, maybe we do need to let her be more independent and let her make her own decisions for herself,'" Gabi added. "I really just think that it was great for because I really started to love myself more and being like, I need to be more positive about myself. I'm very grateful for the show." Of course, she not the only elite athlete whose life has changed for the better. During an emotional moment on the show, La'Darius shares how his brothers refused to accept his sexuality. The physical and sexual abuse hit a point where he considered taking his own life. "When we started the show, I was a little nervous, a little scared," he explained to Ellen. "Nobody really wants to talk about the bad things that happened in their life and have it on camera." But it was that candor and honesty that allowed him to move forward. "[My mom] had called me immediately after and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, D... I'm so proud of you. I never knew how strong you really were or what you were really going through until I saw it on camera,'" he said. "After the show, I felt so much better because I got away from all my chains. I felt like I was being held down and I felt like I was finally free, that I could fly." And through it all, coach Monica Aldama is by her team's side. "These are like my kids," she raved. "They come to me with their problems, so I hear their stories, I see their tears. I would never want anyone to feel like they were less than for how they were born. I'm really passionate about it and I want to protect them through everything." (Eonline)

Nicolas Cage Says He Has 'No Regrets' in Life: I See 'the Positive in Every Negative'. Nicolas Cage is currently single after four marriages Nicolas Cage is looking back on his storied life -- and he likes what he sees. The actor, 56, who currently stars in the new sci-fi film Color Out of Space, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, "I don't have any regrets because I think everything leads to something." "I do see the positive in every negative and the gold in every bit of lead," he says. Asked what advice he'd give his younger self, the Oscar winner muses, "I would've said just perhaps keep it simple in terms of your quest for life experience. Maybe simplify it a little more so that it doesn't eclipse your work." "I had wanderlust," he continues. "I wanted to go everywhere, see everything, and experience everything. If I had a little less of that, I could've focused more on the work itself." Cage is currently single after four marriages (to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, Alice Kim and Erika Koike), and is dad to sons Weston, 29, and Kal-El, 14. In recent years, the Leaving Las Vegas actor has gravitated to eclectic parts in independent films. "I see myself very much as a student of film performance and I'm always looking to learn something," Cage previously told PEOPLE. "That's why if you look at my filmography, it's so eclectic. I'm always trying to challenge myself and take those risks and go for the triple axel, even though I might fall on my face. It's still exciting to go for it and you still get points for trying." Cage has a busy year ahead, returning to his character of Grug in The Croods 2 and starring in a sci-fi martial arts film Jiu Jitsu, among other projects. The actor will also play a "creatively unfulfilled" version of himself in the recently announced movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Color Out of Space, which is based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, opens Jan. 24. (People)

Olivia Culpo Defends BFF Cara Santana From "Cheater" Jesse Metcalfe. Olivia Culpo has a message for Jesse Metcalfe. And no, it's not "Jesse Metcalfe Must Die" ... but it's pretty close. On Wednesday afternoon, hearts were crushed after learning that the 41-year-old actor and his fiancee, Cara Santana, called it quits after 13 years together. As if that weren't tragic enough, the John Tucker Must Die alum was photographed getting cozy with two women on separate occasions right before the breakup occurred. "Cara is heartbroken and has completely shut down and not talking to many people," a source previously told E! News about their split. "Cara was completely blindsided by the photos of him with other women." According to the insider, Jesse has not moved out of the house yet, however, they are arranging it. So how does Oliva play into this? Upon learning about the breakup news, the 27-year-old model took to Instagram Stories to call out the Desperate Housewives star. "Don't cheat... nobody likes a cheater," one message read on Culpo's post, which was a meme that featured Mean Girls' Regina George. "When someone upsets my best friend... @carasantana," another caption read, alongside a photo of the Home Alone scene where Kevin McCallister holds a gun. At this time both Jesse and Cara have yet to speak out about their split. As our insider put it, "Jesse and Cara have been together for a decade, and have had their fair share of ups and downs. They truly have been on and off several times throughout the duration of their relationship. Recently, they hit a breaking point and have been having issues." "It has been very rocky starting the end of last year and especially the last couple of weeks," the source added. "They haven't been very vocal or open about what they are going through as they are trying to work it out, but they are just not getting along." According to our source, the fact that Jesse was photographed with two women didn't help the situation. It's something that Cara was "completely blindsided" by. "She knew they were having issues but didn't think he would betray her on this level and its truly embarrassing for her," the source explained. The duo got engaged in 2016, and were still in the stages of wedding planning. However, our insider shared that they were on two different pages when it came to their big day. "Cara really wants a wedding and she feels Jesse is still not ready to commit or agree on when they are going to finally tie the knot," the source said. E! News has also reached out to Metcalfe and Santana's reps for comment. (Eonline)

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Finalize Their Divorce. UPDATE: Wendy Williams' marriage to Kevin Hunter is officially over. According to documents obtained by E! News, a judge signed off on the finalization of their divorce this week. As part of the settlement agreement, neither will receive alimony. Wendy will remain the sole owner of their previously shared production company, Wendy Inc., and Kevin's remaining shares will go to her. They've agreed to evenly split the profits from their New Jersey home once it sells. Additionally, they'll each be responsible for paying their own legal fees.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got love for each other -- as they've declared on social media posts like this one -- but now she's got a lawsuit too. This tender moment between the Wests ended up on Kim's Instagram -- back in October 2018 -- and while more 2.2 million people liked it, one professional photographer hates it to the point he's suing Kim. Saeed Bolden says he's the guy who snapped the loving shot, and therefore he owns it. According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Bolden says he never gave KKW permission to use it, nor did she pay him to use it ... so he wants a little something for his trouble. For sure, it's a rare pic ... Kanye's smiling, after all. We think it's from their trip to Africa -- when Ye was working on an album ... which he ended up scrapping altogether. As for how much the pic is worth? Bolden doesn't name a price -- he's suing for any profits Kim's made off the post, plus punitive damages. Oddly, he's also suing Kim's shapewear line, Skims Body. because he claims it shares Kim's IG account ... though the solo Skims account never posted the photo. (TMZ)

Robert De Niro's lawsuit against his ex-assistant is getting nastier -- he now claims she made veiled threats against him, if he didn't ante up on her demands. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the famed actor says Graham Chase Robinson sent him an email in August 2019 claiming she would disclose personal info about him. He insinuates it's no coincidence she sent that when she did, because just days later he sued her for misusing the company credit card and binge-watching "Friends" on the job. He also claims that in a separate email Robinson threatened to write a memoir containing personal information about De Niro if, again, her demands weren't met. In the docs, De Niro doesn't specify Robinson's alleged demands. What's more ... De Niro claims Robinson only counter-sued him in October -- alleging harassment and discrimination -- because he called her out for her work misconduct. De Niro denies making sexually-charged comments and, as we first reported, De Niro's attorney, Tom Harvey, called the allegations "beyond absurd." De Niro, however, does admit leaving her the angry voicemail ... which Robinson has included in her lawsuit. (TMZ)


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