The five accessories every man should carry are essential to getting through the day. Most men rely on a few items to stay organized. Extra elements weigh them down. Stay on top of your game with these accessories.

1. Wallet
if you have forgotten your wallet, then you are missing a crucial possession. These billfolds keep your driver's license, identification cards, credit cards, and money safe. A traditional bi-fold wallet, such as the Bosca 'Old Leather' wallet includes room for credit cards, bills and a window compartment for your personal identification.

2. Sunglasses
Overexposure to UV rays from the sun can damage your eyes. Keep them healthy by wearing sunglasses. A pair of shades can add style to your appearance. You do not have to choose sunglasses that look feminine. Traditional choices, such as Ray-Ban aviators, will look sharp on most men. For a hipper look, try Ray-Ban semi-rimless sunglasses.

3. Pen
Pens are often overlooked accessories. They are convenient for noting a phone number or signing a receipt. You could impress a colleague by having a pen handy. Some executives carry upscale pens, such as Cross Pens, as part of their professional attire. Consider incorporating this small detail into your ensemble.

4. Messenger Bag
A messenger bag will protect your papers, books, and even your iPad or laptop. Messenger bags are perfect accessories for professionals and students alike. Men will appreciate the versatility of the bag. Timbuk2 allows clients to customize the size, color, fabric, and design of the satchel.

5. Phone
Few men would think of leaving their cell phones at home. It is vital to have a communication device with you at all times. Business associates, colleagues, and partners may try to reach you in an emergency. Most men like cell phones with web, video, and photo capabilities. If nothing else, consider purchasing a Prepaid Cell Phone.


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