City Page Survey

The City of Sierra Vista wants to know what you think about the weekly City Page. We would love to know what you would like to see or not see, and what is useful. The survey should take about two minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous. Cut out this section and send it to the City of Sierra Vista Public Affairs Office at 1011 N. Coronado Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, or fill it out online at . We really appreciate your input!

How often do you read the City Page? 
Every week
What source do you use to read the City Page?
Sierra Vista Herald
I don’t read the City Page
If you read the City Page, do you find the information useful?
Sort of
What kind of information would you like to see published on the City Page? (Select all that apply)
Event information
Recap of past events (highlights, attendance, etc.)
More pictures than text 
Behind the scenes City information 
Important community/city issues and their updates
Opening of new establishments (businesses, restaurants, recreational facilities, etc.)
It’s fine the way it is

Any additional suggestions or comments? (Max 500 words). 


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