A first impression can influence everything from a potential friendship to a job interview. Do you know what impact you have when you meet someone new? Find out by taking this quiz from a tabloid:
People say your best feature is your:
  1. Eyes
  2. Skin
  3. Smile
When seated next to a stranger at dinner, you:
  1. Start a conversation on general topics.
  2. Share tidbits about your life.
  3. Ask questions about him or her.
Your posture is usually:
  1. Slightly slumped.
  2. Ramrod straight.
  3. Relaxed but correct.
Your favorite party outfit is:
  1. Trendy and stylish.
  2. Plain but in a vibrant color.
  3. Classic and a neutral color.
Mostly "a" - You have a sparkling personality that you accentuate with fashionable clothes and quirky observations. People know you're an original with a vivid imagination.
Mostly "b" - Your confident, self possessed manner marks you as a leader. People appreciate your honesty and are drawn to your ability to present strong opinions with grace and insight.
Mostly "c" - Your generous, warm soul is instantly apparent at a first meeting. That's because you care enough about others to listen closely while projecting a sincere interest.


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