• If you live in Tennessee, listen up-a law office there is giving away a free divorce on Valentine's Day. Just need to enter and the winner will be drawn on February 17.
  • The Grammys rated a 4.7, with some 16.5 million viewers. Keys also hosted last year, when the event scored a 5.0.
  • Vermont is considering license plates that are able to include emojis.
  • They did an "In Memoriam" at the Grammy's on Sunday night and got most of it right. However, they did spell Ric Ocasek's name wrong. It was spelled on screen as Rick with a k.
  • Police chastised the website TMZ after they reported Kobe Bryant's death before families of the victims could be notified.
  • President Trump says he may skip the presidential debates if the process isn't "fair."
  • Meanwhile, the president will sit down with Sean Hannity for an interview before the Super Bowl.
  • TV sets still dominate video entertainment, accounting for more than 50% of all video consumed.
  • A woman stranded in the wilderness in Norway was rescued thanks to reaching out on Tinder.
  • This is encouraging: new stats say that more people went to the library in 2019 than went to the movie theaters.
  • Now this means that when Kobe Bryant is inducted into Basketball's Hall of Fame, he won't be there.
  • Cremation passed the traditional burials in 2015 and is becoming more and more popular. In fact, they're predicting that in 20 years, 80% of people will choose cremation.
  • Honda and GM have teamed up to create the Origin, a self-driving car with no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake pedal. You'd order it, the vehicle pulls up in front of your house, you enter the PIN code provided, then you get inside and put the address in the app of where you'd like it to take you. Coming soon.


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