Here are some traits that reveal the status of your self-esteem.

People who are always late.
Their sense of self is so fragile, and they need a positive response so often, that they can't bear the thought of having to wait for someone else to arrive. So in order to avoid feeling bad about themselves, they arrive late.

People who are always early.
They're fragile, too. They assume that if they're late they'll be rejected, so they come early to get approval. Their self-esteem is based on the response of others, not on their own.

People who dress perfectly.
Overperfect dressers also have and inflated sense of self, but they express it by having to be perfect. Otherwise they're afraid they'll be rejected. The opposite can apply to those who don't try to look good. Some people don't try to look good because their sense of self is so low that they don't care what others think.


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