• Queen Elizabeth II's physician says Prince Philip's cause of death was simply "old age." He passed away on April 9 at the age of 99.
  • Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket company, opened up ticket sales yesterday for suborbital sightseeing trips on its New Shepard spacecraft. They're expected to cost around $200,000.
  • A Florida high school student accused of rigging her school's homecoming queen election will be charged as an adult and could face up to 16 years in prison.
  • Jimmie Johnson is joining NBC Sports' Indy 500 coverage.
  • If you were up in the wee hours this morning and took a peek outside, those shooting stars were part of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which comes from the debris trail of the famed Halley's comet.
  • Dunkin and Chipotle are both offering freebies to nurses during National Nurses Week, which begins today.
  • Nestle is introducing a pea milk brand called Wunda to take on the likes of Oatly.
  • Carole Baskin of "Tiger King" fame has launched her own crypto currency called $cat. Yes, 'cat' with a dollar sign in front of it.
  • A woman in Mali has given birth to 9 kids, 5 girls, four boys. Even though the ultrasound only said there were 7 of them.
  • Each day, we're learning more and more about the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates. Today's installment: apparently, the two had an agreement that allowed him to take an annual long weekend away with his ex-girlfriend.
  • Madonna seems to still be going strong with her current boyfriend. She's 62, he's 27.
  • Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz, the two surviving members of The Monkees, are going to launch a farewell tour this September in Seattle.
  • Germany has announced they are canceling this year's Octoberfest. That makes two years in a row, but fingers are crossed for 2022.
  • Meghan Markle's new children's book, "The Bench," hasn't even been published yet, but the word 'plagiarism' is being thrown out. Apparently, there was a 2018 book called "The Boys on the Bench" that has similar artwork. However, the author of that book says his story is far different than Meghan's.
  • Aaron Rogers isn't very popular in Wisconsin these days. During a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers home game, a minor league affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, Rodgers came on the video board to do a commercial for Bergstrom Autos and the crowd booed.
  • Tiffany Haddish says when she was 21 and struggling, she sold some of her eggs for money. She says she might have some kids out there.
  • Marshawn Lynch has put his waterfront estate up for sale in Point Richmond, California. It can be yours for $5.275 million.
  • Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter, Tallulah, is engaged.
  • Paris Hilton says that famous photo of her wearing a t-shirt that says, "Stop Being Poor" was actually Photoshopped. The shirt actually said, "Stop being desperate."
  • Federal prosecutors are asking Kim Kardashian West to return a statue she brought back from Italy in 2016, because apparently, it was stolen.
  • IKEA has introduced a buy-back program. You bring back something you bought from them, fully assembled and they'll give you 30-50% of the purchase price.


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