It's said that it was on this date in 1630 that Governor Winthrop introduced the fork to America.
  • That was back in the day when something was over, they didn't know what to stick into it. 
  • Needless to say, silverware thefts went up 33%. 
  • Really, we didn't have a salad fork or a regular fork before that? 
  • This would explain why, for centuries, Native Americans didn't eat spaghetti. 
  • Up until then, whenever you were done with a project, you'd say, "Oh, just stick a something in it!" 
On this date in 1788, Virginia became the 10th state... and believed in Santa Claus.

In 1876, General George Custer and his men were wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Big Horn. The only one who had a worst day was the troop's life insurance agent.

On this date in 1927, the very first film with sound effects, "Old San Francisco," made its debut.
Reviewers described it as "much louder than previous movies." (Of course, they were silent movies.)
It was just a fog horn, but hey, that counts.
If you want to hear the sound effects, just forward it to the part where the one guy is pulling his uncle's finger.

In 1938, the federal minimum wage was raised to 40 cents an hour. Someone should let our boss know about the increase.


Six months from today is Christmas. Just sayin'...

Rap singer Candyman turns the big 5-0 today. He's very popular with the hip crowd, but not a big favorite of the American Dental Association.

Jimmie "JJ" Walker turns 71. He turned "Dy-no-mite!" into a catch phrase of the 70s. Now he's in his 70s... For younger listeners, no, he was not a terrorist.

70s singer Carly Simon is the 70s herself these days. Turning 73 today. My, how the years roll on.

June Lockhart, Timmy's mom from "Lassie," and the mom on the 60's TV show "Lost in Space," turns 93 today. We're going to light her candles now... Lassie, run for help!

Log Cabin Day -- Who was the first U.S. President born in a log cabin? (Andrew Jackson)


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