Henry the 8th, the legendary king of England, was born on this date in 1491. He married like Larry King and ate like John Goodman.

In 1709, Charles the 12th -- the King of Sweden -- was wounded in the foot during a battle. I believe this was the day that the phrase "Uff Da!" was coined.

On this date in 1778, Mary Ludwig Hayes gained the name "Molly Pitcher" when she aided American forces at the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey by carrying them water. While she became famous, we never knew the name of the woman who took over for her... because she was just the relief pitcher.

In 1820, scientists determined that the tomato was non-poisonous.
  • I'm surprised it took science that long to catchup. 
  • That gave the inventors of the BL sandwich an idea. 
  • This immediately stopped people from suicide by BLT. 
  • The company that made the bumper stickers, "Ketchup Kills" immediately went out of business. 
  • That meant all of the existing charges of "assault with a deadly ketchup" were dropped immediately. 
  • After all, it appears so menacing. 

On this date in 1859, the very first dog show took place in London. If only it also hadn't been "Take your cat to work" day.

In 1894, the Labor Day holiday was approved by congress. Finally, they had a holiday at the end of the summer to go with all those sales. Congress, demonstrated great wisdom, decided it should fall on Labor Day Weekend.

On this date in 1982, Prince Charles and Lady Diana announced the name of their new son, "William"... which, of course, in England, was a very important day for bookies and gamblers.


Kellie Pickler turns 32 today. I'd say she's not the brightest bulb, but I'm afraid bulbs would be offended. And the sharp tools in the shed would feel they were left out. The former "Dancing with the Stars" champ is one of those singers who came out of "American Idol" and enjoyed a career in music.

John Cusack hits 52 today. Wanna see him as a nerdy kid? Check out the movie "16 Candles."

Former Super Bowl quarterback John Elway turns 58 today. He's the General Manager of the Denver Broncos. As the team's quarterback, he had more completed passes than Jude Law at a singles convention.

Kathy Bates turns the big 7-0 today. As a public service, you should know she has a nude scene in "About Schmidt." Just thought it fair to warn you. I'd close my eyes... just in case.

Mel Brooks is 92 today. Can you imagine him making "Blazing Saddles" today?
  • We'll never look at sitting around a campfire eating beans the same way again. 
  • He'll enjoy a tradition birthday cake, while a group of cowboys sitting around a campfire perform the birthday song. You don't want to know how. 
  • Instead of a cake, he'll blow out a Blazing Saddles campfire scene.


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