Good news for everyone who worked on the original reboot of "Roseanne" -- they've all been invited back for reboot 2.0 ... except for Roseanne, of course. Sources close to production tell TMZ ... all crew members who worked on the show that got canceled, after Barr made a racist comment on Twitter, have been contacted about returning to join "The Conners" spin-off team. We've obtained an email sent to all the crew Thursday before ABC officially announced it was bringing back a Roseanne-free version of the show this fall. As you can see ... it's a pretty happy invite. We're told producers especially want to get all the "Roseanne" writers back on board. Our sources say several crew members have signed back on and are excited to return ... to a fresh start. As we reported ... "The Conners" is just a working title so far, but we're told it's getting a lot of great feedback from fans and could end up being the show's name for good. Filming is expected to begin in late August/early September. (TMZ)

"Catfish" has resumed production after an MTV investigation concluded the sexual misconduct allegations against host Nev Schulman were not credible. The show was put on ice after a video surfaced in which a woman who appeared on the show back in 2015 claimed Schulman sexually harassed her. MTV told Us Weekly, "Although we never received a formal complaint, MTV and Critical Content immediately engaged an independent third-party investigator ... The independent investigator found the allegations made in the YouTube videos to be not credible and without merit." MTV says filming is back on. (TMZ)

The Proposal Pulls Second Episode After Contestant Accused of Facilitating Sexual Assault. Just an episode into ABC's newly debuted series, The Proposal, the show has been faced with an off-screen problem. ABC and Warner Horizon confirmed to E! News that they have decided to pull next Monday's second episode of the reality dating series in light of a newly surfaced allegation against one of the contestants. "An allegation has been made against a contestant on next week's episode of The Proposal. While the accusation was not related to the contestant's appearance on the program, we take it very seriously," ABC and Warner Horizon said in a joint statement to E! News. "ABC and the producers of The Proposal are pulling the episode while this matter is under review." Early Thursday, Erica Meshke penned a lengthy public Facebook post, in which she initially accused an unnamed man of facilitating her sexual assault, or as she described, a "bait-and-catch horror story." "One of the men pictured here was directly responsible for my date rape," the Milwaukee native wrote along with a group photo of male contestants. "After keeping this buried for nearly eight months, and seeing this man continue to succeed and not be held accountable for his actions, I've had enough. I've lost sleep, relationships, self-esteem, trust, and countless other things because of that night. And I'm done keeping it quiet." As Meshke described in the post, in early November, she met the man on Tinder and he allegedly asked to meet. She said she wanted to meet at a public place and, according to her account, he invited her to his apartment complex's entertainment room. When she met him there, she said there were two older men there whom he called friends. Meshke said they poured her a drink and then she was left alone with the two other men while the "original guy" never returned despite her texts and calls. According to her account, the men told her he would be back soon and while she waited, she said she accepted another drink, which she now says was spiked. Meshke wrote that she was taken to an upstairs apartment by one of the older men. "The things I endured for the next 5 hours were unspeakable," she wrote. After, she claims she was threatened and was told she would be found if she told anyone. Meshke explained that she talked to her closest friends and posted an anonymous warning about him in a Facebook group. She noted she ran into the unnamed man at a bar later on and confronted him. "This man is the pretty face that is used as a lure to get girls into unsafe situations," she alleged. Meshke later identified the contestant as Michael Friday by posting a photo of him and his Instagram page in the comments of the Facebook post. According to People, ABC also revealed that Friday had been eliminated in "the first round of the show." "After keeping this buried for nearly eight months, and seeing this man continue to succeed and not be held accountable for his actions, I've had enough," Meshke wrote. "I've lost sleep, relationships, self-esteem [sic], trust and countless other things because of that night. And I'm done keeping it quiet." E! News has reached out to Meshke and Friday for comment. (Eonline)


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