Food preferences provide insight into your personality and your sweetheart's, too. Here's what your favorite foods say about you and your sweetie:

Women who love cherries with their morning meal can be unrealistic about love relationships. But those who love banana nut bread crave physical contact and enjoy sexual fantasies. Men who enjoy cafe au lait in the mornings are traditionalists who lack ambition. Guys who breakfast on pink grapefruit are sexually aggressive and impulsively dive into love relationships.

Both men and women popcorn eaters are usually quite successful in their careers but modest about their accomplishments. Potato chip addicts are also high-achievers, while pretzel lovers are trendy and full of fun. Women who eat nuts are easygoing. Men who enjoy snack crackers are deep thinkers.

Fruits and Veggies
Men who favor strawberries are week Willies who need to be dominated. People who love fresh apples and corn on the cob are hard working and determined to reach their dreams. Fruit lovers who avoid veggies are tough minded leaders, but vegetable eaters who dislike fruit are conscientious and thoughtful of others.

Ice Cream
Both sexes who prefer vanilla need the security of a devoted relationship. Mint chocolate chip eaters are so fearful love won't last that they often sabotage their relationships. Coffee ice cream lovers are adventurous people who live in the moment. Women who enjoy double chocolate will do anything to gain the spotlight, while folks who prefer strawberry are team players. They are loyal once they fall in love.


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