In a recent survey, 40% of Cosmopolitan readers said they're concerned they'll have to settle for a man who isn't on the same level. Follow these tips and you won't feel deprived:

Shift your perfect man perception
Maybe you always imagined you'd wind up with some hot doctor/lawyer/accountant. But those guys often work 18 hour days. Think about the qualities that you really want in a partner reliability and emotional support. In a healthy relationship, these traits are infinitely more important than how much money he makes.

Raise your tolerance level
Yes, it's frustrating going out with a guy who spreads entire nights on his PlayStation. But if you can appreciate his lust for fun and his lighthearted attitude, you may realize that he's a good, solid guy worth getting to know.

Redefine what success is
Think of it not in terms of a guy's paycheck or prestige but whether he has found a field he loves that taps into his innate talents, like landscaping, graphic design, or computers.

Go for older dudes
Widen your dating pool to include guys who are 5, even 10 years older. Men in their early 30s tend to have their ducks in a row and are more equipped to handle mature relationships. In fact, 31 percent of Cosmopolitan readers say that they date up as a way to deal with the shortage of mature guys their age.


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