Revenge is a Dish Best Served... in a Dish?

In Khalapur, India, 23-year-old Pradnya Survase has been arrested for allegedly poisoning food served at a feast hosted by a relative that resulted in the deaths of five guests. Police say her motive was to kill her husband and his family. Survase confessed to mixing a powder used to kill snakes in the soup that was served to some of the guests at a feast hosted by a relative. He claims that during her two-year-marriage her in-laws have constantly insulted her for her dark complexion and criticized her cooking. In all, 84 of the 150 invited guests were hospitalized after being poisoned at the feast. Reportedly, Survase chose the house-warming party because she knew all those she wanted to kill would eat there. (Hindustan Times)

So How Tall is Your Sixth Grader?

Ren Keyu, an elementary school student from Leshan, in China's Sichuan province. He's only 11-years-old but already stands an astounding 6-feet, 9-inches tall and thinks he may just be the tallest 6th grader on the planet. The average 11-year-old Chinese boy measures 4-feet 9-inches, according to data released last year, but Ren Keyu was that height when he finished kindergarten. He obviously towers over his classmates and requires a special chair just to be able to sit at his desk comfortably. Some students make fun of him for his unusual height and people often stare at him in the streets, but the 11-year-old hopes that his stature will be an advantage for once, as he tries to get his name into the Guinness Book of Records. He wants to apply for the record of world's tallest 6th-grader. Ren recently told reporters that he felt privileged to be taller than other kids his age. (Oddity Central)

Is There Really Such Thing as a Controlled Burn?

A quick-moving wildfire that ravaged a north Florida coastal community and destroyed 36 homes was sparked by a controlled burn conducted by state-hired contractors! Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said an investigation by his office eliminated other possible causes, including lightning, arson or an accidental cause. The fire broke out late Sunday in Eastpoint, which is near the historic town of Apalachicola in Florida's Panhandle. Authorities evacuated the area and no one died as a direct result of the fire, but it left devastation in its wake for local residents who lost everything. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement that a private company was contracted to burn 480 acres on June 18. Doug Williams, the owner of Wildlands Service, told the Tallahassee Democrat he had not been contacted by state officials and did not know that Putnam said investigators had determined his company was responsible for the wildfire. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office created a victim relief fund to help those impacted by the fire. The fund raised more than $57,000 by Wednesday morning, and the goal is to raise at least $150,000, according to authorities. (WCTV News)

Well... So It Wasn't His Fault

Russian rock musician Andrey Suchilin was on a Transavia flight that was forced to make an emergency landing in Portugal - because Suchilin smelled so bad. No seriously - the stench was so strong that other passengers began fainting and vomiting once the plane took off from the Netherlands' Schiphol Airport. No, it wasn't just horrible personal hygiene as many thought. The 58-year-old apparently contracted an infection while on vacation in the Canary Islands that caused his body tissue to die, resulting in the odor. Suchilin's wife, Lidia, wrote on Facebook that her husband had sought medical attention before leaving Spain, but was told it was just an "ordinary beach infection" and was given antibiotics. Suchilin was removed from the plane after the emergency stop in Portugal and taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with Necrosis - a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells in living tissue. By the times doctors got to him it was too late and the disease progressed until he tragically killed him. (FOX News)

Man Buys Upskirt Camera. Karma Laughs!

In Madison, Wisconsin, a 32-year-old man thought he was being oh-so-clever with the purchase of his upskirt camera that was hidden in his shoe. But the karma gods laughed at our friend and his clever shoe camera suddenly exploded causing a serious foot injury and loads of pain. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said in his daily blog that the man wanted to turn himself in to police but they had no grounds to arrest him because he hadn't taken any videos before the camera's battery fizzled. So the suspect was "counseled on his actions" and released. (WKOW-TV)

A List America Wishes It Wasn't On

A new Thompson Reuters Foundation survey has named the 10 countries deemed to be the least safe for women - and shockingly, the United States made the list. India takes the top spot and is described as a country that has "shown utter disregard and disrespect for women ... rape, marital rapes, sexual assault and harassment, female infanticide [have] gone unabated." But the biggest surprise on the list is the United States coming in at No. 6 and being the only western country to make the list. Experts say the inclusion came down to the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns against sexual harassment and violence that have dominated headlines for months. Cindy Southworth, executive vice president of the Washington-based National Network to End Domestic Violence said, "People want to think income means you're protected from misogyny, and sadly that's not the case. We are going to look back and see this as a very powerful tipping point ... We're blowing the lid off and saying '#Metoo and Time's Up'." Here's the entire list: 

Saudi Arabia
United States


What the What?

Think it's hot where you are? Over a period of 24 hours, the temperature in the coastal city of Quriyat, Oman, never dropped below 108.7 degrees last Tuesday, most likely the highest minimum temperature ever observed on Earth. For a location to remain no lower than 109 degrees around the clock is mind-boggling. This sweltering episode marked the second exceptional weather event to affect Oman in as many months. In May, Category 3 Tropical Cyclone Mekunu slammed into its southwest coast, making landfall near Salalah. It was the most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall on the Arabian Peninsula on record. Tuesday's record-breaking heat resulted from a strong high-altitude, high-pressure system or heat dome anchored over the region, which pumped air temperatures up to 15 degrees above normal. (MSN)


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