Author Jonathan Swift was born on this date in 1667. He had success with the book, "Gulliver's Travels" and thanked all the little people who made it possible.

On this date in 1782, the American Revolutionary War ended... and the first series of Time-Life books was born.

In 1804, the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice to be impeached, Samuel Chase, went on trial.
  • He was acquitted and went on to lead a Chase and decent life.
  • He was acquitted so I guess that makes me feel better about my money being in his bank.
  • When you think about it, that kind of explains where we are today.

Good day for authors: Samuel Clements, alias "Mark Twain," was born on this date in 1835. He kept writing one great book after the other: "Tom Sawyer," "Huckleberry Finn," "The Prince and the Pauper"... readers all across America couldn't wait to catch the next Twain.

On this date in 1922, Japan launched the world's first aircraft carrier. If you were too nervous to fly you could just climb on a plane parked on the ship and still get there.

In 1936, London's famous Crystal Palace burned in a fire... which makes me wonder, how does crystal catch on fire?

On this date in 1949, Chinese communists captured Chungking... guaranteeing frozen food for everyone.

In 1954, Elizabeth Hodges was sitting in her Alabama home when an 8-1/2 pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her house. Wasn't that how the movie "The Blob" started. By the way, anyone seen Elizabeth or know what that giant blob heading our way is?

On this date in 1956, Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore in the fifth round. So, Floyd had to buy his own drinks in the sixth round.

In 1957, Honolulu had record wind gusts of 82mph and beaches on Kauai reported 35-foot waves. The winds were so strong, surfers reported being able to ride the same wave four times.

On this date in 1981, the motion picture "Gandhi" premieres in New Delhi. The audience was told "thank you, come again"!

In 1986, President Reagan called Oliver North "a national hero." However, the Contras in Nicaragua admired him most for his arms.

Kaley Cuoco turns the big 3-0 and celebrated by having a bigger tattoo cover-up her wedding date to ex-husband Ryan Sweeting. The girl knows how to party.

Elisha Cuthbert, who played Kim, Jack Bauer's daughter on "24" turns 33 today. Or did she star on "33" and it's the other way around? No matter.

Clay Aiken, American Idol runner-up and answer to the question, "Who was that guy Ruben Studdard beat?" turns 37 today. He was the first American Idol contestant to "come out," paving the way for Adam Lambert... as if Adam needed any paving.

Sandra Oh turns 45 today. Still don't know what the Oh stands for...

In the midnight hour, Billy Idol turns the big 6-0. He's begun that long journey of going from white hair to gray.

There was another White House fence jumper over the holiday weekend. We're getting closer and closer to that becoming an Olympic sport.


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