• 35% of people have gone to work wearing a price tag still attached.
  • According to Readers Digest, 43% of Americans have gone a week without using cash.
  • The average American male will buy four pizzas every month.
  • 90% of ladies would stay with their significant other if they won the lottery, but only 59% of guys would.
  • We do this lots of different ways, but 76% of us always commute to work alone.
  • A recent survey found that a dance club is the last place a guy wants to go on a first date.
  • 53% of people will buy insect repellent for the July 4th holiday.
  • The heart is not on the left side of the chest, it's found between the right and left lungs. The heart only tilts slightly to the left.
  • 35% of us say this is the most intimidating exercise to do in public. Yoga.


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