(Money Crashers) The possibilities are endless when it comes to easy, inexpensive ways to create summer fun for your kids. If you need even more ideas, try these:

Fly a kite.
Go out to eat at an old-time diner.
Collect summer wildflowers and press them in a book.
Go roller skating.
Rent a kayak or canoe.
Make tiny fairy houses outside.
Drag out an old blanket and read books outside.
Write a letter to a relative.
Go to a local fair or carnival.
Start a journal.
Build a fire and make S'mores.
Go on an early morning nature walk.
Learn which wild foods you can eat in your area and go foraging.
Let your kids cook dinner.
Bake cookies and use them to make your own ice cream sandwiches.
Learn how to find fossils. The Smithsonian has a good guide.
Get some ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Let them pick out their own vegetables at the farmers' market and then cook them for dinner.
Go stargazing.
Attend a minor league baseball game.
Go swimming at a local lake or swimming hole. You can find a great list of the nation's 10 best swimming holes is at Roadtrippers.
Host a sleepover.
Buy a joke book (or look up jokes and riddles online) and see who can memorize the most.
See a movie at a drive-in theater. There are still hundreds of drive-ins operating in the U.S.; you can find a full list here.
Go fishing.
See a community play.
Build a tree house.
Put up a tree swing.
Have a garage sale.
Organize a neighborhood picnic.


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