Dr. Darcy Luadzers (aka Dr. Darcy) says, "Sure, you look at their shoes, their hair, their car, and take notes on the size of the tab and tip... but where do you go next to "Rate Your First Date" before its too late? Here's advice from couples who, looking back on their first date, wish they'd asked the right questions, before they fell in love, and over the cliff flailing toward the great marital abyss and into therapy."
  1. The first date kiss: A peck? A tongue past the tonsils? The slobbering wet willy? None? Or the romantic passionate, thought I'd died and gone heaven kiss? It will never change.
  2. Does he/she remember your name and/or pronounce it right all night? And What number date are you this week?
  3. Does he/she like your pet? If not, run now.
  4. Does he/she refer to old flames by names... unless you ask? If they mention the name more than twice, they're still dating them, not you.
  5. Does he/she have a REAL job? I don't mean a job with your name on the shirt.
  6. Does he/she do anything to embarrass you or make you cringe? (Like a come on to the waitress, telling a very off color story or how they scammed on their student loans.) Annoying habits grow. Period. Remember, on the first date they're on good behavior.
  7. Does he/she look at any other girls/guys, especially their body parts? Wandering eyes keep wondering about other girls and guys.
  8. Are you really physically attracted to them? Not their portfolio, not that they like you, but do you think they're hot? Attraction is a constant, it's the same at the beginning as it is 50 years later. If it is not there, it never will be.
  9. Rate their scent. Do you want to drink their breath? Yes or no: are your pheromones passionate and compatible?
  10. And the most important sign of chemistry on the first date: The Last Look Back. When your date is leaving, has said goodbye, and goes to their car, the subway, whatever... do they turn back and look at you, or do they depart quickly without The glance back?


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