Experts say the way you shake hands can make or break the kind of impression you project. Check out the variety of handshakes below and choose the one that reflects your own personal style. Then read what your hand is telling people.

A handshake with no oomph is considered a sign of weakness or insecurity. Your lack of enthusiasm indicates a total disinterest.

Two hands
Glad-handing can convey warmth and sincerity, but it may also put off strangers as assuming too much intimacy.

Bone crusher
You can be proud of your buff bod with-out hurting others. Lighten up before you put someone in the ER.

Pulling someone closer while you shake makes others think you're bossy. Try not to come across as so overbearing.

Shaking with your full hand while maintaining eye contact is a winner. You're making a statement of confidence and self-esteem.

If you grip with an underhanded move that twists the other person's wrist, you are a total control freak.

Finger snag
Shaking or squeezing the four fingers of your acquaintance denotes domination -- and it's creepy too.


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