Who Won The Amazing Race Season 31? Those who race together stick together, apparently. The last remaining Big Brother team of this CBS reality show all-star season of The Amazing Race found themselves on their own against three other couples who were all Amazing Race alums, and all clearly working together to land an all-Race final three. Nicole and Victor didn't really need help from their fellow pairs, but they definitely noticed that Christie and Colin, Tyler and Korey, and Leo and Jamal were all helping each other out whenever they could, particularly during a challenge that required them to decode a secret message. Christie did need help, and she and Colin ended up in last place for a bit after she really struggled with that challenge. Leo and Jamal, meanwhile, spent the first portion of the finale in first place, while Nicole and Victor and then Tyler and Korey were right behind them. Then everybody had some real struggles in London. Nobody could kayak, so that detour was just a mess, and then everyone but Christie and Colin ended up switching to the detour that required remembering directions, which everybody also had a hard time with. Leo and Jamal remained in first place, Korey and Tyler made it into second place, and trying to remember those directions and place names proved to be Nicole and Victor's downfall, as Colin and Christie managed to master the rowing. Nicole and Victor were ultimately the first team to get eliminated, and the remaining three teams jetted off to Detroit, Mich. for the final leg of the race. Once in Motor City, Tyler, Leo and Colin volunteered to rappel down landmark skyscraper The Guardian Building all while memorizing a series of numbers that made up the combination to open a bank vault. Despite Colin's speedy completion of the roadblock, he and Christie ran into trouble locating their taxi while en route to their next challenge. Tyler and Korey were first to arrive and complete a game of "Fowling," a combination of football and bowling unique to the city of Detroit. Next up, the remaining teams found themselves making records at Third Man Records, an independent label founded by The White Stripes rocker and Detroit local Jack White. Meanwhile, Leo struggled to open the bank vault and he and Jamal fell far behind their fellow competitors. Keeping on theme with all The White Stripes references, the teams (at this point led by Christie and Colin) were asked to assemble a drum kit while a massive band performed "Seven Nation Army" over and over and over again. In the end, Christie and Colin literally called on their "angels and guides" to help telepathically guide them to completing the task -- and it worked! They were the first team to cross the finish line and win the $1 million. Tyler and Korey finished in a close second, followed by Leo and Jamal. 10 countries, 18 cities, and more than 25,000 miles... we (well, they) did it! (Eonline)

Beth Chapman was taping alongside Duane "Dog" Chapman almost until her last day, but there's some unfinished work to be done ... and now it's in Dog's hands to decide how their project will end. Their new show, "Dog's Most Wanted," had been shooting for several months, and they were coming to a close last weekend ... according to production sources. As you know, Beth suffered a choking emergency Saturday at their home in Hawaii and was placed in a medically-induced coma. Although they were mid-production, we're told cameras were NOT rolling at that time. Beth -- who was just as involved with the show as Dog -- was still scheduled to shoot for the series' final episodes. Obviously, production came to a halt with Beth's hospitalization, and her death now means some big decisions have to be made about how to end the season. We're told its possible producers will use the material they have in the can to put together an ending -- or shooting could resume after Dog and his family have time to cope with their matriarch's passing. "Dog's Most Wanted" profiled both the family's bounty hunting business and also shed light on Beth's cancer battle. We're told it will ultimately be Dog's decision on whether there's enough raw footage to end the series, and also tell Beth's story. As we first reported, doctors decided placing Beth in a coma would give her the best shot at surviving -- but she never recovered and died Wednesday morning. Beth was 51. (TMZ)

Big Brother Evicts First Houseguest of Season 21 "For Now." Big Brother's a real weird show, man. After being named Camp Director in Tuesday's premiere, Jackson had to choose four people to "banish" from the house, who would then have to compete to stay in the house. As Jackson made each of his picks, a giant squirrel entered the Big Brother house, threw a bag over the banished houseguest, and literally dragged them out of the house. Jackson had picked David as a sort of pawn, thinking he'd easily be able to win whatever the challenge was, but then the challenge ended up being one that had nothing much to do with fitness or strength. The four banished houseguests -- Cliff, Jess, Kemi, and David -- all had to feel their way through a completely dark forest, searching for signs for the real Camp BB, as opposed to decoy signs for things like "Camp Bee Bee," which was filled with honey. One part of the forest was also filled with scary clowns, and there were feathers, and a pancake slide into a pool of syrup, and in the end, Cliff, Kemi, and Jess all made it back, and it was "pawn" David who was evicted..."for now," as Julie Chen said. Back in the house, Christie and Tommy finally got a moment to connect over the fact that Christie had recently been dating Tommy's aunt for the past seven years. He reminded her she can't call him Thomas, and they promised to have each other's back. Then, Christie found herself in a massive six-person alliance with Jack, Jackson, Nick, Holly, and Bella, and it came down to Christie and Tommy still hanging onto their slimy spinning logs in the Head of Household competition. Christie ended up winning, so she'll get to nominate the first two houseguests on the block. Before she signed off for the night, Julie teased something called the "Whacktivity Comp," with a "game-changing secret," and then revealed that while David might be out of the game, we haven't seen the last of him. "Something that has never happened before on Big Brother will happen live next Wednesday," she said. Can't wait! Big Brother airs on CBS. (Eonline)

'Loudest Voice' Star Naomi Watts on Playing Gretchen Carlson: "Incredibly Current in Such a Scary Way." The Oscar winner talks about her preparation process for the Showtime series, her reservations about tackling the Roger Ailes story and the press intrigue over her and pal Nicole Kidman inhabiting the same role. Make no mistake, Showtime's The Loudest Voice has but one hero, Gretchen Carlson. Over the course of seven episodes, the limited series dramatizes the rise and fall of her former boss, Fox News creator Roger Ailes, who arguably did more than any single person to create the deeply fractious political environment that we exist in today. In fact, showrunner Alex Metcalf goes as far as to argue that without Ailes, who's played here by Russell Crowe, there is no Donald Trump. That said, his history of sexual abuse, thrust into the spotlight in 2016 by Carlson's landmark lawsuit against him, ultimately brought him to his demise. Within a year of being ousted from his perch atop the No. 1 cable news network, Ailes was pronounced dead at 77. When the series, based on Gabriel Sherman's book of the same name, premieres June 30, viewers will see Crowe joined by fellow Oscar winner Naomi Watts, who portrays Carlson in the star-studded project. During a break in production earlier this spring, the actress featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter in April alongside her fellow cast members spoke about her reservations about tackling the controversial story, her personal preparation process in becoming its heroine and that other Ailes project starring one of her closest friends. (Hollywood Reporter)

Are You the One? Debuts With First Sexually Fluid Cast. Well that was thrilling and delightful! MTV just debuted the new season of Are You the One, featuring an entire cast of sexually fluid people whose perfect match could be literally anyone else in the house. In this summer of firmly heterosexual relationships on The Bachelorette and Love Island and likely Bachelor in Paradise, it was wildly refreshing to watch a dating show where anyone might hook up with anyone else, and there's no separation of men vs. women. Some of the contestants don't even identify specifically as men or women, but everybody identifies as sexually fluid, so it not only makes the show a little more fun and progressive, but it also makes the game a whole lot harder. After one trip to the truth booth and one matching ceremony, the group has got two couples correct, with no clue which two couples they are. The eight couples who matched up at the ceremony were: Noar and Amber, Kari and Kylie, Max and Justin, Basit and Jonathan, Jasmine and Jenna, Aasha and Paige, Remy and Brandon, and Kai and Danny. Kai and Jenna were both a little upset that Jasmine chose Jenna, since Jenna and Kai had already taken a trip to the Boom Room (though so had Kai and Remy), so one of the biggest connections in the house didn't even get to be tested. Noar had already found out that she was not a match with Justin, and immediately regretted not partnering up with Amber instead, so hopefully for them, Amber and Noar are one of those two matches. Kari and Kylie also seemed pretty solid (even if Basit was a little disappointed in Kylie), and Aasha and Paige felt like they were, at the very least, BFFs. Are You the One airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV. (Eonline)

Jerry Springer to Give Alternative Keynote at Edinburgh TV Fest. The talk show icon will give a short speech ahead of a Q&A at the annual TV bash in Scotland. Jerry Springer is to delivery the alternative keynote MacTaggart lecture at this year's Edinburgh TV Festival. The talk show icon and the subject of a comedy opera that played in Edinburgh in 2002 will give a short speech at the annual TV event ahead of a Q&A with Channel 4's Dorothy Byrne in which he will discuss his long career hosting The Jerry Springer Show, which ran for 27 seasons from 1991 to 2018. Springer is also set to share his views on politicians' relationship with the media and what part traditional news organizations can play to uphold democratic debate in an era of fake news. "Clearly one of the most beautiful cities in the world - it's an honor to be asked to speak, usually I'm being asked to be quiet!," said Springer. "As the king of the tabloid talk show, who better to hear from right now?" added advisory chair of the festival, Kelly Webb-Lamb. "And with Dorothy Byrne by his side, it's definitely box office. The popcorn is already in the microwave." The session will take place on Friday, Aug. 23 and will be produced by Jane Millichip, chief commercial officer at Sky Studios. (Hollywood Reporter)


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