Robin Williams' Son Zak Honors First Child With Late Actor's Name. It's a party of three! Zak Pym Williams welcomed a baby boy with fiancee Olivia June, People reports. The 36-year-old entrepreneur paid tribute to his late father and legendary actor, Robin Williams. The couple named their son McLaurin Clement Williams -- the Oscar winner's middle name was McLaurin. However, according to the outlet the first-time parents plan to call their little nugget "Mickey" for short. While the exciting baby news broke on Wednesday, the engaged couple reportedly welcomed their son on May 22 (who is a Taurus-Gemini Cusp!). Making the baby announcement even more special for the two, Zak's younger sister Zelda Williams took the family photos, which were exclusively shared with People. The siblings share a younger brother, Cody Williams. The new addition to the Williams' family comes nearly five years after the legendary star passed away by suicide. He died at the age of 63 in August 2014. Of his late father's death, Zak previously opened up about his loss in Dave Itzkoff's biography, Robin. "I'm kicking myself for not visiting him during that time," he shared about his dad, who was living alone in a Los Angeles apartment at the time. "Because I think that was a very lonely period for him. In retrospect, I feel like I should have been there, spending time with him. Because someone who needs support was not getting the support he needed." The 36-year-old entrepreneur has been a mental health advocate for quite some time, and was recently featured in photographer Mariangela Abeo's "Faces of Fortitude" project, which showcased people who've lost loved ones to suicide. Williams' fiancee is the CEO of the Hey! Vina app, a social media platform referred to as "tinder for (girl) friends." Congrats to the happy couple on their little nugget! (Eonline)

How Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Are Keeping things as Normal as Possible For Their Daughter. Breakup aside, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk seem to be keeping things cordial for the sake of their 2-year-old daughter, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper. Previously, a source told E! News that "things are amicable" between the Russian supermodel and the A Star Is Born director. "They both want what's best for their daughter and so far things are amicable. They're working out custody details and putting everything in writing so there's no confusion." More recently, a second insider revealed how the former pair is keeping things as normal as possible for their daughter. While the brunette beauty is on a trip in Iceland (and posting sexy Instagram snaps, no less!), the source explained Bradley has spent quality time with his baby girl. If anything, the two had their own little getaway together. "While Irina has been out of town, and through the week when news broke of their split, Bradley and his daughter Lea spent the weekend at a house up in Big Bear." The insider continued, "It was just Bradley and Lea. It's very peaceful and serene up where they stayed, and Bradley was really relaxed and seemed like he was in a good mood even with everything going on." After four years together, the couple reportedly called it quits last week. People broke the news of their split. In the wake of their breakup, the first source mentioned told E! News the pair "spent time apart to test the waters" but "it just became clear the relationship was over." "As much as they tried to rekindle what they once had, they couldn't find that spark," the insider added. And according to the same insider, the one thing that won't change between Bradley and Irina is their love for Lea. "They love their little girl dearly and that's not going to change no matter what." "They want what's least disruptive for their baby, [and] would like to keep things as consistent as possible for her," the same source shared. As of late, Cooper was seen having a boys' night out in Los Angeles on Monday. He was spotted hanging with friends at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. Meanwhile, the Russian supermodel has been on an Iceland trip in recent days. (Eonline)

Bradley Cooper Has a 'Huge and Overwhelming Connection' to Lady Gaga, Says Source. Bradley Cooper has a "huge and overwhelming connection" to Lady Gaga, but a romance is "premature," an entertainment source tells PEOPLE Bradley Cooper's relationship with Lady Gaga is one of a kind. "He has a huge and overwhelming connection to Gaga but whether it becomes a real love story in their lives for all the world to see is premature," an entertainment source tells PEOPLE. And while the pair's chemistry is strong and allowed their film A Star Is Born to soar to great heights (see its eight Oscar nominations), the rumors of a possible romance between them might have played a role in Cooper's split from ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk. Gaga and Cooper made headlines for their intimate Oscars duet of "Shallow," which earned the singer an Oscar for Best Original Song. "The rumors about Bradley and Gaga having a love affair didn't help especially with his constant travels [promoting the film]," says the source. PEOPLE confirmed last week Cooper and Shayk had called it quits after four years of dating. They share 2-year-old daughter Lea De Seine. A different source had previously told PEOPLE that, before news of their split became public, Cooper and Shayk had "spent a lot of time apart." "[Irina is] not focused on the celebrity part, or on the fame -- she just wants to protect her family," the source shared. "Bradley is very into work and is trying to take advantage of every career opportunity right now." After awards season was over, a separate insider told PEOPLE in April that Cooper made spending time with their family a priority. "After awards season ended, Cooper slowed down to focus on his family," the insider said, sharing that the star spent "every day with his family." (People)

Chris Hemsworth Used to Clean Out Breast Pumps For a Living (Yes, Really). Before he was wielding a hammer as Marvel Universe's Thor, Chris Hemsworth was, uh, hands deep in breast milk. Allow us to explain. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Aussie hunk played a game of "True Confessions" with host Jimmy Fallon and comedian Kumail Nanjiani. The rules were simple: Pick an envelope, read the revelation inside and allow the two remaining players to interrogate you and guess if it's true or false. Easy, right? Hemsworth stepped up to go first. "My first job was cleaning out breast pumps," he admitted, which was followed by a length?y pause from his competitors because...what? Asked by Nanjiani how old he was, the Men In Black: International actor replied, "I was 14 at the time." "It was repairing them as well, occasionally," Hemsworth, 35, continued. "Any pump, you know, there's a motor with a belt, like a rubber belt for the suction." Stunned, Fallon chimed in, "Was this for human breasts or animal breasts?" According to Hemsworth, pharmacies would rent out the breast pump machines. "They'd come back covered in dry milk," he explained. "I'd clean the dry milk." Though Nanjiani originally believed Hemsworth was telling the truth -- "I think it's real," he said. "If it's not, he's a psychopath." -- he sided with Fallon, who said the story to be a lie. Well, as it turns out, you can't make this stuff up. Equipped with a toothbrush, spray and wipes, teenage Hemsworth really did clean up dried milk. And now, two questions remain, according Nanjiani: "Do the women who used these breast pumps now know that Chris Hemsworth once cleaned out their breast pumps? Can you buy them on eBay?" (Eonline)

Joe Jonas' Bachelor Party Was so Wild the Police Were Called 3 Times. It looks like Joe Jonas' bachelor party was a wild time -- so wild, in fact, the police called on the groom and his gang three times in one night. Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas dished on their brother's big night during Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show. The admission came up during a round of "Know Your Bro" -- a game in which one of the Jonas Brothers would put on noise-cancelling headphones and Jimmy Fallon would ask the other two a question about that JoBro. Having not heard their answers, the muted member would then guess what his bandmates said. When asked about the "wildest" part of the DNCE star's party in Ibiza, Kevin and Nick didn't hold back. "We had the cops on the first night calling on three times," Nick recalled. "Joe ripped off his shirt in a nightclub, proceeded to rip off two of his friends' shirts in the nightclub. He took the cardboard box for 1942, the tequila, and somehow cut it into a bandana so it just said 1942 across his forehead. He wore that on a boat all day long." It certainly must have been a memorable moment because Joe correctly guessed their answer. However, he was able to dig up some dirt on his other brothers, too. The brothers also revealed the "worst" thing Keven ever did as a child without his parents knowing, and the thing Nick thinks his brothers are most jealous of in his life. Joe wasn't the only one to have one last fling before the ring. Sophie Turner recently celebrated her bachelorette party in Europe with a few of her closest gal pals. While the couple already tied the knot in Las Vegas in May, they're set to say "I do" a second time in France later this summer. (Eonline)

Jessica Biel Clarifies She Is 'Not Against Vaccinations,' Explains Her Stance After Controversy. Jessica Biel set the record straight about her stance on vaccinations after sparking controversy by posing for a photo with a well-known anti-vaxxer. "This week I went to Sacramento to talk to legislators in California about a proposed bill," the 7th Heaven alum, 37, wrote on Instagram on Thursday, June 13. "I am not against vaccinations -- I support children getting vaccinations and I also support families having the right to make educated medical decisions for their children alongside their physicians." Biel explained that her concern with California Senate Bill 277 is "solely regarding medical exemptions." "My dearest friends have a child with a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations, and should this bill pass, it would greatly affect their family's ability to care for their child in this state," she wrote. "That's why I spoke to legislators and argued against this bill. Not because I don't believe in vaccinations, but because I believe in giving doctors and the families they treat the ability to decide what's best for their patients and the ability to provide that treatment." The Emmy nominee concluded her message by encouraging her 7.6 million Instagram followers "to read more on this issue and to learn about the intricacies of #SB277." She added, "Thank you to everyone who met with me this week to engage in this important discussion!" Biel's post came two days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. uploaded photos of them meeting with lawmakers to discuss the bill, which many vaccination skeptics have opposed. "Please say thank you to the courageous @jessicabiel for a busy and productive day at the California State House," the activist, 65, wrote. As a result, countless social media users labeled the actress as an "anti-vaxxer." However, she did not appear to be bothered by the backlash and was all smiles at a dinner party in New York City with her husband, Justin Timberlake, on Wednesday, June 12. Biel and the "Suit & Tie" singer, 38, tied the knot in October 2012 and share 4-year-old son Silas. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no scientific link between vaccines and autism. (UsMagazine)

Miro Sorvino Shares Her Date Rape Survival Story. Mira Sorvino is breaking her silence on something that has been "impossible" for her to share publicly. "I'm a survivor of date rape," the Oscar-winning actress said, trying to hold back the tears. "I have never said that in public, because it is impossible to share those kinds of things, and I'm doing it here to try and help." The 51-year-old star and New York native attended a press conference on Wednesday with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to advocate for stricter sexual harassment and rape-related laws. In fact, she argued that the state's five-year statute of limitations on second- and third-degree rape is too short of a time period for survivors to "sort through the trauma." "There are all these survivors out there right now who need justice, who need to feel that they can take the time they need to sort through the trauma, to sort through the shame," she said. While Sorvino expressed that she didn't "want to go into detail" about her story, she did open up about the emotional trauma she experienced. "I can tell you in situations of second-degree rape, which is what mine would constitute, you feel shame," she said. "You feel like somehow it was your fault. You should've been smarter, you should've protected yourself better. You should've not taken that drink, who knows what was in it, but you somehow got yourself into this situation." Sorvino has also accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and abuse. She alleged he abused her in a hotel room during the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival. "It feels like a really good first step, you know," she said on the Today show last year. "It's him finally facing real, real criminal consequences for his criminal behavior. And so for that, I feel gratified. But honestly, last weekend was a very emotional one, and I cried many times, because just seeing him brings up a lot of bad feelings." Of her powerful testimony on Wednesday, Cuomo praised the Oscar winner for sharing her story. "I've been in this room many times, and I don't think I've ever heard a more intelligent, powerful, persuasive point than you just made -- and God bless you for being so brave and courageous." (Eonline)

Wendy Williams' estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., says her claim he kept her pent up at home is a lie and adds ... she was too lazy to give a damn -- but Wendy says believe nothing her ex says. Kevin is firing back at the beloved talk show host after she told us she "was cooped up only to be a show pony" during their marriage. Sources close to Kevin say that's a bald-faced lie, and he claims her memory is just off. The way Kevin sees it ... Wendy orchestrated her schedule and chose, primarily, to do her talk show and go home. We're told Kevin feels Wendy just didn't want to hit red carpet events or put in any effort outside of the on-camera work for her show. A source close to Wendy is doubling down though ... calling Kevin "extremely controlling and sneaky" during the marriage, and "nothing he says is the truth." When it comes to business decisions ... sources close to Kevin say Wendy took a hands-off approach and willingly left everything up to her husband -- trusting him for 22 years to handle her career. As for Wendy's young, new arm candy ... we're told Kevin isn't jealous and understands why she wants to go out and have some carefree fun. He does, however, take issue with Wendy saying he "had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years." We're told he calls that a gross exaggeration because he didn't meet his mistress until 2008. We get the feeling the nitpicking is just beginning -- and even though Wendy thinks they'll eventually make peace -- it feels like their divorce is gonna be a long, drawn-out affair. (TMZ)

Cuba Gooding Jr. Might Not Surrender To NYPD Lawyers View Bar Surveillance Vid. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s attorney, Mark Heller, tells us he has viewed surveillance video from the bar and says it shows "absolutely no criminality taking place on the part of my client." Heller says he's contacted the Manhattan D.A.'s Office Sex Crimes Unit but has not gotten a return phone call. He is trying to find out if they've seen the surveillance video. Heller says he can't believe they would seek to arrest Cuba ... if they'd seen the video. He says it's up in the air right now as to whether Cuba will turn himself in Thursday, as they'd planned, now that they've seen the video. (TMZ)

Famed director Bryan Singer is going to fork over $150,000 to settle allegations he raped a teenage boy on a yacht ... but Singer is still denying his accuser's claims. Singer was sued by Cesar Sanchez-Guzman back in 2017 for allegedly forcing the then-17-year-old to perform oral sex on him and then raping him during a yacht party in Seattle. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... a bankruptcy trustee urged the court to approve a $150K settlement with Singer. Sanchez-Guzman had filed for bankruptcy, so a judge has to sign off on the settlement. However, ... Singer's attorney, Andrew Brettler, says the director still maintains his innocence and the settlement is not an admission of guilt. Singer's attorney says ... "Mr. Singer has denied even knowing this individual, let alone allegedly having interacted with him more than 15 years ago." He continued ... "The decision to resolve the matter with the bankruptcy trustee was purely a business one, as litigation costs would well exceed the amount requested by the trustee to pay off the creditors who were owed money when the debtor filed for bankruptcy." (TMZ)

Below Deck's Caroline Bedol Arrested for Larceny. It hasn't been smooth sailing for Caroline Bedol. The Below Deck star was arrested in Connecticut for sixth-degree larceny on Sunday, June 9. According to court records, she had a $0 bond and was released from the custody of the Danbury Police Department on a promise to appear in court. She is scheduled to make the appearance on June 20. While she has yet to comment on the arrest publicly, Bedol has posted on social media -- sharing a selfie shortly after the arrest occurred. As fans will recall, Bedol was a third stewardess on Captain Lee Rosbach's yacht the M/Y Seanna. However, the reality star quit the charter on season six. This reportedly hasn't been the reality star's only run-in with the law. According to Radar Online, which broke the news, the Bravolebrity was hit with an arrest warrant in October 2018 after she allegedly missed mandatory court appearances regarding an alleged attack between her dog and another canine. In November, Bedol told People the allegations regarding her missed court dates were "probably true;" however, she said she was a "little confused" about the arrest warrant. "I tried to run a warrant search and for some reason I can't find it on the database," she told the magazine at the time. "I don't exactly know what's going on with that. I need to figure that out because it's a matter of paying my fine." Per Radar Online, the warrant appears to be no longer active. (Eonline)

'Fuller House' creator Jeff Franklin accused of orgy talk, offensive pregnancy comments. A Warner Bros. executive has detailed the harassment allegations against "Fuller House" creator Jeff Franklin, who was dropped from the show last year. Franklin filed a lawsuit in April against writer Bryan Behar, who became the showrunner upon Franklin's departure. Franklin accused Behar of spearheading a campaign to oust him by fabricating allegations and distorting incidents. He also accused Behar of leaking the allegations to the press. In his response, Behar denied speaking to the press about the allegations. He also said he participated in an internal probe only reluctantly, and because he believed it was mandatory. Behar's attorney attached a declaration from Silisha Platon, Warner Bros.' vice president of labor relations, who led the internal investigation. Platon confirmed that Behar was reluctant to participate and that his testimony "only corroborated some of the less serious statements made by the other witnesses." She said that seven women were interviewed as part of the investigation, who related that Franklin had fostered a toxic work environment. One told the investigator that Franklin seemed angry at women and did not respect their opinions, while others quoted offensive comments he had made. Regarding one staffer, Franklin allegedly said, "She is probably going to be pregnant next season. I wish I could make all the women on my staff get hysterectomies." Franklin would talk about orgies he had over the weekend, according to another woman. Two witnesses said that Franklin invited the writers to come to his mansion for the week, and the women were reminded to bring their bikinis. Some related that Franklin was annoyed about having to hire female directors or directors of color. Once, when complaining about a female director, Franklin was told that he could have hired a different female director, to which he allegedly responded, "Please, they're all the same." Platon also confirmed that Franklin had been investigated in 2016, after concerns were raised about Franklin's handling of pregnancy-related requests. Franklin was also accused of treating men and women differently in the writers' room. "The investigation was concluded, and Franklin received verbal counseling as to the necessity of appropriate, business-like behavior and equal treatment," Platon said. Following the 2018 investigation, Platon concluded that Franklin had created a toxic environment for women and people of color and recommended that his contract not be renewed. Behar is seeking to have the case dismissed and is asking that Franklin be ordered to pay his attorneys' fees. (PageSix)

Counting On Star Grandma Mary Duggar Dies of Accidental Drowning. Mary Duggar died Sunday, June 9. Grandma Mary Duggar's cause of death has been revealed. The Counting On family matriarch died of an accidental drowning in a swimming pool, Washington County Coroner Roger W. Morris confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday. According to Morris, she slipped. She was 78. On Wednesday, Radar Online reported that a 911 call was made on Sunday for a "possible drowning" at Mary's home in Springdale, Arkansas. According to the outlet, the call came in at 4:37 p.m. and emergency assistance was requested. "Call came in of a possible drowning at [address redacted] ... that's [address redacted]. Big house in the back ... older woman, 14 echo -- unconscious. Medics are responding," the dispatcher reportedly said in the call obtained by the outlet. News of Mary's passing was first shared by the Duggars on their official Facebook page Sunday afternoon, where the "feisty" and "incredible" County On star was remembered by her famous family in a tribute post. "We are so sad to share that Grandma Duggar (Mary) passed away Sunday afternoon, June 9th. Mary Lester Duggar grew up in Farmington, Arkansas and was married almost 50 years to J.L. (Jimmy Lee) Duggar who preceded her in death," the post began. "Mary found great joy in sharing her love for Jesus and her own story of how at age 15 she asked Christ to forgive her for her sins. It was at that time she committed the rest of her life to live for Him, a commitment she kept with devotion." The tribute continued on to highlight Grandma Duggar's life successes, such as her work as a prime real estate broker and her most important role of all -- being "Grandma" to her 21 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. "Grandma Mary Duggar has been on the TLC shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On with her family for over 15 years. She is greatly loved and will be missed so very much! She lived a tremendous life as a follower of Christ, a wife, a devoted mother, a loving mother-in-law, and a much-loved grandmother." The post concluded, "We deeply appreciate your prayers for our family and all who loved Mary during this time." Mary's granddaughter, Jill (Duggar) Dillard, paid tribute to her grandmother with a black and white Instagram photo and revealed the heartbreaking news. "My heart breaks," Jill wrote. "My grandma died suddenly today! She was an amazing woman of God and such a great example to so many!" The touching post continued, "She was a feisty, incredible woman who always took the time to talk about Jesus with everyone she knew! I know she was ready to check outta here and get her new body in heaven before the old one started giving her too much trouble! We miss you so much!!" Following her grandmother's death, Jana Duggar said that Mary attended church hours before she died. "On her last morning spent here on earth I drove Grandma to church where she worshiped her Savior. Later that afternoon, she went to meet Him face to face!" she wrote on Instagram. "I'd say that's probably how she would've chosen to finish out the day if she got to pick." (People)


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