So why do people want to quit a job? Relationships, health and finances may cause some employees to quit their job, but the number one reason by far is a bad boss. More than half of respondents in a poll conducted by Yankelovich said that long hours, low pay and bad assignments were all trumped by a difficult boss when it came to assessing the top reasons for disliking a job and wanting to quit, reports MoneyWeb. Employees are so miserable at work that:
44 percent said they put in just enough effort to not get fired.
Only 23 percent said they work to their full potential.
75 percent admitted they could be more effective on the job.
Two out of three disgruntled employees are so annoyed at their boss, they are actively seeking different employment opportunities.

Four ways a boss can make a difference to employees:

1. Make it safe.
It's difficult for an employee to express a concern to a boss, but managers have a responsibility to create a safe and approachable environment. "People feel psychologically safe when they know you care about their interests and respect them," says Owens.

2. Look for the truth.
It's natural to be hurt or defensive when hearing negative feedback. Try not to defend yourself and instead find the truth in what is being said. Ask questions. Ask for specific examples. Try to understand what is being said.

3. Listen for hesitance.
Pay attention to the emotions being expressed, particularly watching for cues that the employee has something to say--and isn't saying it.

4. Bite your tongue -- for a while.
To encourage employees to talk openly and honestly and express opposing views, don't share your thoughts first, defend yourself or explain your actions. This will only shut down the dialogue. Once the employee has finished talking, then it's the manager's turn.


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