• Women are more likely to giggle in the presence of a man they find attractive than at any other time.
  • According to recent research, women are more likely to give men their phone number when approached at a bakery.
  • 20 percent of women have left a hair salon in tears.
  • According to a recent list, the number one thing that women do to themselves to be beautiful, and not tell anyone about it, is wax or bleach their upper lip.
  • 5,500 square feet is the size of the average American lawn.
  • The average person will eat pizza four times a month.
  • Human taste buds change every 10 days, and the old taste buds are replaced with new ones. But it doesn't change the way you taste things, even if your sense of taste is still constantly changing over time.
  • According to USA Today, the average guy cries about 14 times a year, while the average woman 64 times a year.
  • If you put together the words roast and tuna and anagrammatize them, you will get a word meaning "space traveler." What is it? Astronaut.


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