"Latest Craze in the Mid-West: Baby Wrestling!"
Trash! Besides, you get in enough wrestling time with them when you try to change a diaper.

"Police Arrest Woman for Driving a Kid's Power Wheels Truck While Drunk!"
Truth! It was 25-year-old Megan Holman of South Carolina. But she was only charged with public intoxication - not DUI - because the toy truck wasn't street legal.

"Police Asking People to Stop Using Cell Phone Cases That Look Like Guns!"
Truth! In Illinois. We have no words. We can't even believe this is a thing.

"Man Crashes Into Police Car While Searching for TV Episode on Phone!"
Truth! That would be 55-year-old Kevin Bacon - NOT the actor - of Vermont. According to a Vermont State Police report, he was searching for "Screech's Spaghetti Sauce," an episode from 1992 that centers on a particularly flavorful spaghetti sauce that Screech makes during a campus TV show.

"Facebook to Launch their Own Crypto Currency Next Year, Called Virgo!"
Trash! It'll actually be called Libra, which is such a Pisces thing to go.

"Archaeologists Find Proof of Pot Smokers 2,500 Years Ago!"
Truth! Pakistan and Tajikistan-excavators found 10 wooden bowls and several stones containing burnt residue of the cannabis plant. Scientists believe heated stones were used to burn the marijuana and people then inhaled the smoke as part of a burial ritual.

"Eating Banana Peels The New Health Craze!"
Trash! But they're still very useful in comedy.

"Instagram Announces Their Own Brand of Insta-Potatoes!"
Trash! That would be like Twitter coming out with their cereal, called "Tweeties"


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