(Women's Health) What's old is new again -- at least when it comes to the healthy-snack aisle. Freshen your favorites with these more nutritious options created from ancient power foods. Because life is too short to eat the same thing every day.

If you like popcorn, you'll love popped water lily
Water lilies have seeds, and when roasted, they turn out puffed and airy. One serving of theaquatic plant has three grams of protein, aminoacids and half the fat (or less) of most popcorn -- plus, it's grain free. Try brands like Taali, Bohana and Makhana.

If you like crispy chickpeas you'll love lupini beans
This Italian "super bean," which looks like a tan lima bean, has about 50 percent more protein and fiber than garbanzos (chickpeas) and way fewer carbs and calories. Snack on the pickled version right out of the bag -- Brami has five varieties -- or toss them in salads.

If you like peanuts you'll love baru nuts
These aren't pretty (they look like rabbit poo), but the legumes taste just like peanuts. They have more digestible protein and fiber than almonds, with less fat and no known allergens.Crunch on the seeds, grind them into butter, or find the flour form.

If you like chips or pretzels you'll love cassava
The root veggie cassava is taking over packaged snacks as a grain-free alternativr to corn and wheat. As a flour, it gives the same crunchy satisfaction and savory taste. Find it in chips from Plant Snacks and Siete, or crackers From The Ground Up (made with cauliflower).


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