Do you realize that 8 months from today, we'll be exactly one week away from Christmas?

America Ferrera from "Superstore" turns 35 today on aisle 3.

Kourtney Kardashian turns the big 4-0 today. She's trying to treat herself to an entire day without any drama.

Melissa Joan Hart hits birthday number 43 today. It's been a few years since she was Sabrina, the teenage witch. Some day she'll tell her kids that when she was younger, she was a witch for a spell.

Eric McCormack -- Will, from Will and Grace -- is 56. So is Conan O'Brien. Yes, they get older, too. A day for funny people to be born.

Jane Leeves, best known as Daphne on "Frasier," now playing some part on some cable comedy show, turns 58 today. They say she's got quite a temper. When Jane's upset, Jane Leeves.

Rick Moranis is sitting around and waiting for just one more "Honey, I shrunk" movie... oh, and he turns 66 today.

James Woods turns 72 today. He's got an interesting way of deciding who he's going to date. He takes his age and divides by three... and that tells him how old the girl should be.

Hayley Mills is 73 today. At one time when her name came up, I thought of "Pollyanna." Now I think of Poly-grip!

Pet Owners Independence Day -- we're going to celebrate by sleeping and eating all day long.


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