Today is Earth Day. Happy Earth Day to you, Happy Earth Day to you...

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly turns 27 today. Obviously too young to remember the gangster or the disc jockey.

Running back Marshawn Lynch turns 33 today. I can see the Skittles cake now.

Sheryl Lee, who played murder victim Laura Palmer in "Twin Peaks" is alive and well and turns 52 today. Whatever you do, don't sign her birthday card just with the word, "Bob." (Trivia: She had originally only been signed to play the corpse in the show, but director David Lynch became inspired. Her career went on to emulate her character on the show.)

Goofy guy Ryan Stiles turns 60 today. If you want tall and lanky, he's your guy. You've seen him on "The Drew Carey Show" and "Whose Line is It Anyway?" We hear when he was born, his folks drove half a block before they realized his feet were stuck in the hospital door.

Peter Frampton turns 69 today. There was a time he asked, "Do you feel like we do?" I have to say, these days, I probably do. Or, it's getting harder and harder to come alive... although, most times, I do feel like he do.

National Jelly Bean Day -- Historians can't exactly say when this day started or why. It may have begun with candy manufacturers, or avid fans who just wanted to share their affection for the irresistible treat.

The jelly bean dates back to at least the 1860's -- when jars of the tasty treats were promoted as morale boosters for army troops fighting in the Civil War.
While egg-shaped jelly beans seem like a natural for Easter basket fillers, it wasn't until the 1930's when jelly beans became a permanent part of the Easter tradition.
Jelly beans were always traditionally made from sugar and artificial flavors, but in the 1980's a revolution in jelly bean varieties exploded with the introduction of "Jelly Belly" jelly beans.
Even President Ronald Reagan was known for his love of Jelly Belly jelly beans, as he always kept a jar of the sweet treats on his desk in the Oval Office (his favorite flavor was licorice.)
Reagan later became responsible for launching the very first jelly beans into space when he sent a jar to the 1983 Challenger crew as a surprise for the astronauts.


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