• 15% of people have taken a selfie an average of seven times before they are satisfied with the photo and pose.
  • For couples in their 20s, there is a 35% chance they argue about each other's parents once a month.
  • 27% of men have broken something when they're having a bad day.
  • One in five kids do not drink water daily. The non-water drinkers were more likely to be dehydrated and consume twice as many calories from sugary drinks.
  • It's estimated that about 3000 people working in New York City make a living selling hot dogs.
  • According to a survey from the New York Post, 40% of people would give up dental care for a ten percent raise.
  • People who have to drive over 45 minutes to work everyday have a much higher risk for divorce.
  • Only 10 percent of us say we're able to wake up without an alarm clock on a daily basis.
  • 57% of people say "Santa" has hidden gifts here? In a suitcase.


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