• The Golden Globe Awards nominations came out yesterday. Yeah, here we go again into Awards Season. The 77th Golden Globes will be on NBC Sunday, January 5th.
  • Netflix led in total nominations, thanks to a strong showing from the films "Marriage Story" and "The Irishman." The dramas were nominated for six and five awards respectively. In the television categories, "Chernobyl," "The Crown," and "Unbelievable" all led with four nominations each.
  • Disney has become the first studio to make $10 billion at the box office in one year and "The Rise of Skywalker" hasn't even premiered yet.
  • The Russian flag and national anthem will be missing again at the Olympics next summer, after another doping scandal.
  • Steve Harvey and Miss Universe just don't get along. He was hosting the pageant over the weekend when he read what was on his prompter, that Miss Philippines had won. The contestant next to Steve corrected him, saying she was Miss Malaysia. After a few minutes of panic, it turned out Harvey was right and it was Miss Philippines who had won.
  • Nike has stopped direct sales on Amazon.
  • The New England Patriots almost had to forfeit their game on Sunday because their team equipment was sent to the wrong place and barely got to the game on time.
  • In California, the Angels are going to buy Angel Stadium which guarantees they'll stay in Anaheim through at least 2050.
  • A study says the average person can't last four hours with their family on holidays.
  • The top ten grossing musicians list for 2019 includes the Eagles and Elton John.
  • Wal-Mart is pulling those sweaters from their inventory that showed Santa Claus by a table with what looked like three lines of cocaine and the words, "Let it snow." I'm trying to figure when that could have even remotely seemed like a good idea.
  • At least 5 are dead and 10 people are missing after a volcano erupted on an island in New Zealand on Sunday.
  • Someone is apparently gluing hats on the heads of pigeons in Las Vegas.
  • Dwayne Johnson is saying that he's Baby Yoda's father and that he plans to introduce him to his brother, Kevin Hart.
  • The new prime minister of Finland is only 34 years old. Yes, she is.
  • This week's full moon occurs on 12/12 at 12:12am.
  • In Maryland, a man bought a scratch lottery ticket and offered it to a friend. The friend turned him down, so he kept it... scratched it... and won $30,000.
  • Jennifer Garner accidentally ordered a Christmas tree too big for her house.
  • Pete Frates, whose battle with ALS inspired the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that raised millions of dollars for research and awareness of the disease, died at home Monday morning. He was 35.
  • In Menifee, California, over 100 witness saw some kind of flying object thing back in October. There's video online.


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