On this date in 1638, Swedish colonists settle in what is now Wilmington, Delaware, the home of the first massage parlor and Swedish pancakes, I think. Their influence is very obvious at the corner of Ya and You Betcha.

John Tyler, our country's 10th U.S. president, was born on this date in 1790. One of his more remarkable achievements: after office, he became a father again at age 70. If you're keeping track at home, between his first wife and his second wife, Tyler fathered 15 kids.

On this date in 1792, Sweden's King Gustav III died, nearly two days after he was mortally wounded during a masquerade party. That was the last year they played lawn darts with the masks on.

In 1812, the first White House wedding takes place as Lucy Payne Washington, sister-in-law of President James Madison, married U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd.
Having a brother-in-law on the Supreme Court, I'm sure that didn't present any problems.
That's one way to work the court.
They lost the bride several times when she and her white gown stood up against the White House. Where'd she go?

On this date in 1848, broken ice actually created a dam that stopped Niagra Falls. Suddenly, honeymooners found themselves with nothing to do.

Coca-Cola was created in 1886 -- mixed up over a fire in a backyard in Atlanta by a man named John Pemberton. John made Coca-Cola as a medicine to cure stomach aches, headaches and hangovers. Yes, it's true that cocaine was a very small ingredient of the beverage until Congress banned it in 1904.

On this date in 1932, a vaudeville comedian made the switch to radio by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Benny talking. There will be a slight pause while you say: 'Who cares?'"

In 1943, because of World War II, rationing began for meat, butter and cheese begins.
It was the only time in our country's history that happened outside of the times you-know-who read an article about a new diet in a magazine.
It was like an entire country going on a diet.
Apparently at our house, the war rolls on...
With so much obesity in the U.S., maybe we should do that again.

On this date in 1968, over 3,000 hippies took over New York City's Grand Central Station. With that large of an un-washed crowd, it wasn't long until the place smelled like... well, Grand Central Station.

In 1989, the movie "Rain Man" won the best picture Oscar. Wow, the Oscars were late back then. But, for the record, the show actually started in February.


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