Lady Gaga turns 33 today. Hey guys, she's single! Between you and me, she's not really royalty. But you knew that...

Julia Styles is 38 today. Would you have guessed she's 5 years older than Lady Gaga? Do you realize her age has doubled since she started acting?

Vince Vaughn celebrates birthday number 49 today. Big dude. Around 6-foot-5-inches. Best snarl in the business. Trivia: he's a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Cheryl James, better known as Salt in Salt 'n Pepa, turns 53.
I stay away from here because I'm supposed to avoid sodium.
Hey, if your doctor told you to watch the sodium, she was the one to watch.
There were rumors she was going to try to revive her career and team up with the Energizer Bunny, forming a new group, Salt 'n Battery.

Singer Oran Juice turns 62 today. I always thought he would be a good match with Vitamin C. He still sings like he use to, just less pulp.


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