• If you need to know, Chrissy Teigen hates chicken breasts.
  • Sam Smith says he's considered having a sex change.
  • Former Democratic Party Chair Donna Brazile is now a contributor on FOX News.
  • The Angels Mike Trout is said to be getting ready to sign a $430-million, 12-year deal with the club.
  • Starting April 16, Starbucks Rewards loyalty program is getting a makeover, allowing members to earn Stars - aka rewards points - sooner, and use those points to buy more items than before.
  • It's Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen today, to celebrate the first day of spring.
  • American Idol ratings have hit a new low.
  • The final Super Moon event of the year is four years after the official arrival of spring.
  • The family of the alleged mass shooter in New Zealand are saying he should be executed.
  • Burger King is offering a coffee subscription plan. For $5 a month, get a cup of coffee every day of the month.
  • On Monday, President Trump announced he has donated a quarter of his 400,000 salary to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • It was 75 degrees in Seattle on Monday, an all-time high for a winter day. Then, they broke the record yesterday with a high of 77.
  • Three in five Millennials say life is more stressful now than ever before.
  • 79-year-old Lily Tomlin joked that she may not live to see the upcoming sequel to "9 To 5."
  • And now there is carbonated SmartWater.
  • Social networking company Myspace has apologized for apparently losing 12 years' worth of music uploaded to its site, following a server migration error -- a loss potentially amounting to 50 million songs.
  • Amy Schumer let it be known that her husband is on the autism spectrum.
  • Major League Baseball is testing a system that lets pitchers and catchers communicate through watches.
  • Three Democratic presidential candidates have made it known they'd be up for adding more justices to the Supreme Court.


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