On this date in 1622, Indians attacked some of the early settlers at Jamestown, Virginia. It was the first incident of March Madness. Or, it was their way of trying to avoid a shutout.

In 1630, the first colonial legislation prohibiting gambling was enacted in Boston.
I believe the actual law stated, "Thou shalt not craps."
What were the odds? That question would have got you locked up in the stockades.
It was the first attempt to try and control "March Maddeth-ness."

On this date in 1733, Joseph Priestly, dubbed the father of soda pop, invents carbonated water.
You'd have to say he was soda successful. Well, you wouldn't have to say it. Kind of regretting I did.
Yes, he was the Soda Pop.
I would also suggest he had a major hand in the invention of the belch! He called it "One Up!"
Yes, he earned the nickname, 'the father of soda pop', although it was never proven in court.

In 1775 that Patrick Henry made his famous speech. Not many people realize that the full version was, "Give me liberty or give me death: that's my final declaration."

George Washington planted 4000 Chestnut trees around his home way, way back in 1786. The weird part was he planted them in the living room, the family room, the kitchen.

On this date in 1840, the very first photo of the moon was taken. Up until that time, it was too shy.

In 1857, the very first department store elevator was installed in New York. It was very successful, but there were some ups and downs. It probably would have been a more amazing thing if the store had one more than one floor.

On this date in 1882, the U.S. Congress outlawed polygamy. I mean, seriously, would you really want two anniversaries to remember.

In 1894, Hockey's very first Stanley Cup game was played. In fact, I believe Stanley was even there.

German-born scientist Werner Von Braun was born back in 1912. It was his assistant, Helga, who coined the phrase: "Is that a rocket in your plans or are you just happy to see me?"

On this date in 1960, a patent was granted for the laser. It was like a beam come true.


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