• The fed said that the soonest they'll raise interest rates again will be early next year.
  • Toyota is working with Japan's space agency to develop the moon rover of the future.
  • Cardi B's favorite catchphrase -- "Okurrr" -- got extra attention when she said it during a Pepsi commercial that ran during the Super Bowl. Now she's seeking to trademark "Okurrr" for use on paper goods and clothing. The singer also filed for a trademark on a slight variation of that -- Okurr with two r's instead of three.
  • Wendy Williams is said to be having a melt-down after finding out that her husband's alleged mistress is allegedly pregnant.
  • Apple is expected to announce its new TV service this week.
  • Shaquille O'Neal, the NBA Hall-of-Famer, has joined Papa John's board of directors.
  • Up-and-coming country singer Justin Carter died at age 35 after a gun accidentally fired while he was filming a music video.
  • found that 43 percent of men would get high on their first date.
  • Who knew they were a foresome? Well, they're on vacation together right now: Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon are taking a break from their busy acting careers to spend some time with each other and their wives.
  • Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade is reportedly "suffering" from the college admissions scandal, saying she didn't even want to go to college.
  • A survey says Millennials care more about their dates' politics than good sex.
  • The FCC says it got complaints about Adam Levine showing his nipples during the Super Bowl Halftime show.
  • Jared Kushner is being accused of using WhatsApp for official White House business.
  • Gayle King is going to sign a contract extension with CBS and get a nice pay raise in return.
  • If you'd like to own a zoo, there's one for sale in Maine. Yours for just $14.2 million.
  • Gucci is now selling pre-distressed athletic shoes for just $870 a pair.
  • Los Angeles County has now officially banned using Roundup on county property.
  • That flash of light across the skies of Los Angeles the other night was NOT a meteor. But rather, a guy in a wingsuit flying over the city as part of a Red Bull promotion. It gives you wings, you know.
  • A new poll of Democrats shows that they'd prefer a candidate that could beat president Trump over one that they agree with.
  • Then there's the Texas man who decided to put Petco's "bring in any pet on a leash" policy and showed up at the store with his Ankole-Watusi steer! 1600-pounds of steer, that wandered through the store with no problems.
  • Katie Couric says that she did once go on a blind date and it turned out her date was Cory Booker... but the two did not kiss.


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