Rapper Big Sean turns 31 today. Some of his biggest hits are... oh, can't say that... shouldn't say that... I'd get fired for that... uh, never mind.

Katharine McPhee, former American Idol contestant, turns 35 today. She's currently engaged to David Foster... who, in November, turns 70. Then he will be exactly twice her age.

Danica Patrick is on her 37th lap around the sun and is going to join NBC for their Indy 500 coverage this Memorial Day weekend.

Sarah Jessica Parker turns 54 today. She's best known for "Sex and the City"... and the TV show, too. She's Mrs. Matthew Broderick, although she had chances to be Mrs. Robert Downey Jr. and Mrs. John F. Kennedy, Jr. She apparently passed on the juniors.

Elton John turns 72 today. Oh, c'mon. It's a little bit funny. This feeling inside... Long live the queen! His Yellow Brick Road has yellowed even more.

Gloria Steinem turns 85 today. She was one of the driving forces of the feminist movement in the 1970s. In fact, it was Gloria that suggested that when burning your bra, you first remove it.

Pecan Day -- There is no pie that has more calories, fat and sugar than pecan. Even though some of the 810 calories and 65 grams of fat come from the healthy nuts, most come from the corn syrup and sugar filling.

Bad Hair Day -- according to Lucky Magazine, here's how much women fess up to paying for haircuts:

$15-$30 - 29.1%
$30-$60 - 45.9%
$60-$100 - 18.5%
$100-$150 - 4.7%
$150-$200 - 1.2%
More than $200 - 0.5%


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