On this date in 1655, Titan, the largest satellite around Saturn, was discovered. Back then, it was believed that Titan gave Saturn the ring.

In 1755, George Washington planted pecan trees given to him by Thomas Jefferson.
Eventually, those nuts made it to the White House. I was talking about the ones from Washington's trees.
Back in those days, it was the polite way for someone to say, "Nuts to you."
All the while singing, "Plants in the ground, plants in the ground, lookin' like it's Spring with those plants in the ground."
So we now know what Jefferson thought about him.

On this date in 1776, the Continental Congress authorized a medal for George Washington. On it were the Latin words that, loosely translated, meant, "Better than just a t-shirt."

In 1821, Greece declared its independence from Turkey... and switched completely to chicken! There was major concern that the two countries would merge and create the country of Turkey-Greece.

On this date in 1954, RCA began manufacturing the first color television sets. (The sets, with 12 1/2-inch picture tubes, cost $1,000 each.) That was back in the day when the sets were as deep as they were wide.
They were pretty big. The major drawback was, the sets were so big, there was nowhere in the room for you.
Wow, I think the screen on my phone is bigger than that.
Soon, American families would be able to sit around and enjoy their favorite black and white TV shows on color TV sets. But oh, those commercials.

On this date in 1996, the redesigned $100 bill went into circulation. It's the new one that says, "Good for one barrel of oil."


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