• 25% of married people surveyed would divorce their spouse if they won the lottery.
  • During your life, you'll spend two-and-a-half years cooking, and over three-and-a-half years eating. You'll eat about 35 tons of food, which is like seven elephants.
  • Around 27% of single men say they won't date a woman who has a twin.
  • 25% of us have never been inside our next-door neighbor's house.
  • An analysis of studies reveals student performance can actually be influences by the way a classroom is decorated in the classroom.
  • 47% of women purchase makeup when they are feeling down.
  • About half the population believes their hair is their most attractive feature.
  • A new survey asked more than 14,000 people what major scientific breakthroughs they think they'll see in their lifetime. And 41% of people said this? Living under the sea.


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