Rupert Grint turns the big 3-0 today. You know better as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films. He seems so much more like a Ron than a Rupert. Still dealing with those occasional flare-ups of Hogwarts.

Dave Chappelle turns 45 today. Probably not finding that funny. There are some people who like him, while others don't... like Dave.

Barret Oliver is 45 today. He was the young boy in "The Neverending Story." Actually, his acting career did end -- he's now a photographer.

Craig Kilborn, the former host of "The Late Late Show" turns 56 today. Of course, he went on to... being the former host of "The Late Late Show."

Cal Ripken, Jr. turns 58 today. He was baseball's "Iron Man," but today, he admits he's a little rusty.

Actor Steve Guttenberg turns the big 6-0 today... although, career-wise, his candles were blown out years ago.

Stephen Fry, who has been in probably every movie you've ever watched, turns 61 today. He's the narrator in the Harry Potter movies. While growing up, he was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison. The whole time, narrating it.


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