A study of over 30,000 people revealed their purchasing patterns are strongly linked to their astrological signs.

Aries - You're an impulse buyer. You complain a lot and hate to wait in line.

Taurus - You won't be rushed into making decisions. You are very patient in lines.

Gemini - You are attracted to gimmicks and gadgets.

Cancer - You enjoy buying gifts for other people, and furnishing for your home.

Leo - You tend to buy high fashion and brand names.

Virgo - You buy lots of health food and related products.

Libra - You switch brands at the drop of a hat, but stick to high quality goods.

Scorpio - You are loyal to trusted products and dislike flashy new items.

Sagittarius - You fall for sales gimmicks and love to buy on impulse.

Capricorn - You vary between upmarket brand names and do-it yourself projects.

Aquarius - You buy offbeat buy modern things. You adore browsing in junk stores.

Pisces - You are a salesman's dream come true because you never complain.


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