Armie Hammer, the actor who always reminds me of baking soda, turns 32 today.

Country singer Jake Owen turns 36 today. That's 3 in bourbon years.

LeeAnn Rimes is 36 today. We've watched her grow up. We've watched her marry up. The good news is that she's already stolen a husband, so yours should be safe. At a concert in 2014, she actually dislocated her jaw while performing. She was able to locate it before the end of the show.

Jack Black turns 49 and continues to be that guy you'd swear was a cast member of "Saturday Night Live," but wasn't.

Jason Priestly, the world's oldest teenager, also turns 49 today.

Shania Twain is 53 and is still smokin'. I always thought she should name her dog, "Choo-Choo"... but I'm that way.

Former "Dynasty" star Emma Samms is 58 today. Years ago, she lived in Hollywood... now, she's just outside of Relevant.

Daniel Stern turns 61 today. He was the voice of the adult Kevin in "The Wonder Years" and one of the two bumbling burglars in the original "Home Alone" movies. Interesting that in the show he was Kevin and in the movies, he was trying to get Kevin.

Baseball manager Lou Pinella turns 75 today. He plans to celebrate tonight by yelling out the candles and then kicking dirt over the birthday cake. Most people just blow out their candles -- he throws second base at it and then kicks some dirt on it.

David Soul also turns 75 today. On TV, he was half of "Starsky and Hutch." Now a days, he's around three fourth's of them.


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