"President Trump to Host Next Oscars!"
Trash! If that happened, they'd have to be checking for pick axes at the door.

"New Beer Made for Cancer Patients!"
Truth! It's non-alcoholic Mama Beer. The formula was specifically created to help breast cancer patients overcome the symptoms of dysgeusia which makes food often taste bad. Its flavor profile has been engineered to make it taste good to those undergoing chemotherapy and also contains a range of vitamins and minerals. Too bad - available only in Prague.

"Talking Rat to Get His Own Netflix Show!"
Trash! Too bad. They had the name ready, "America's Got Rodents!"

New World Record: Car Sold at Auction for $48.4 Million!
Truth! A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Well, they are really rare - only 36 were actually made. Same number as the Kardashians.

"New Diet Craze: Eating Dust Bunnies!"
Trash! But if ever does happen, I'm opening a diet center under my fridge.

"New Report Says Money Does Buy Happiness!"
Truth! Yep - kind of what we knew all along. Researchers studied 20 years' worth of lottery winners and found - guess what - they're really much happier with all that dough!

"Nick Cannon Changing Last Name to Rifle!"
Trash! Never for a man of his caliber.

"Guy Does Over 10,000 Pull-ups in Less than 20 Hours!"
Truth! Andrew Shapiro is a 19-year-old college student from Great Falls, Virginia, he did 10,020 pull-ups in less than 20 hours! That's good for a new world record!


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