Born On This Day...

   In 1198 King Alexander II of Scotland (1214-49)
   In 1591 English poet, Robert Herrick (Gather ye rosebuds)
   In 1759 British social reformer, William Wilberforce
   In 1784 Lexicographer, Joseph Emerson Worcester (synonyms to definitions)
   In 1787 Antarctic explorer, James Weddell (Weddell Sea)
   In 1816 Sir Daniel Gooch, laid first successful transatlantic cables
   In 1846 Geographer, Henry Gannett ("father of mapmaking")
   In 1852 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Jim O'Rourke
   In 1872 English author/critic, Max Beerbohm (Saturday Review)
   In 1880 Inventor, Joshua Lionel Cowen (electric model trains)
   In 1886 Naval architect, William Francis Gibbs (Liberty ships)
   In 1890 Swimmer, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku (Olympic-Gold-1912, 20)
   In 1887 Country singer/songwriter, Fred Rose
   In 1898 Belgian physician, Albert Claude (Nobel-1974)
   In 1899 Poet/short story writer, Jorge Luis Borges
   In 1899 Scientist, Albert Claude (founded modern cell biology) (Nobel-1974)
   In 1900 Actor, Preston Foster (Waterfront, Gunslinger) [d: 7-14-70]
   In 1902 French historian/educator, Fernand Braudel [d: 11-28-85]
   In 1905 Singer/songwriter, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup [d: 3-28-74]
   In 1909 Jazz trumpeter, Paul Webster (Cab Calloway) [d: 5-6-66]
   In 1912 TV host, Durward Kirby (Candid Camera, Garry Moore) [d: 3-15-00]
   In 1913 Actress, Dorothy Comingore (Citizen Kane) [d: 12-30-71]
   In 1915 Singer/drummer, Wynonie Harris ("Mr. Blues") [d: 6-14-69]
   In 1916 Actor, Hugh Franklin (Dr. Charles Tyler-All My Children) [d: 9-26-86]
   In 1916 Actor, Hal Smith (Otis-Andy Griffith Show) [d: 1-28-94]
   In 1917 TV host/announcer, Dennis James (Name That Tune) [d: 6-3-97]
   In 1923 Model/actress, Helena Carter (River Lady) [d: 1-11-00]
   In 1924 Pianist, Louis Teicher (Ferrante and Tiecher) [d: 9-19-09]
   In 1934 Actor, Kenny Baker (R2 D2-Star Wars, Time Bandits) [d: 8-13-16]
   In 1938 Bassist, David Freiberg (Jefferson Airplane, Starship) (80)
   In 1938 Composer/guitarist, Mason Williams (Classical Gas) (80)
   In 1943 Guitarist, John Cipolina (Quicksilver Messenger Service) [d: 5-29-89]
   In 1944 Singer/drummer, Jim Capaldi (Traffic) [d: 1-28-05]
   In 1944 Engineer, Gregory Jarvis (died in Challenger explosion) [d: 1-28-86]
   In 1945 Saxophonist, Malcolm Duncan (Average White Band) (73)
   In 1945 Keyboardist/guitarist, Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) (73)
   In 1946 Astronaut, Richard N. Richards (STS-28, 41, 50) (72)
   In 1948 French singer/songwriter, Jean-Michel Jarre (70)
   In 1949 Astronaut, Anna L. Fisher (STS-51A) (69)
   In 1949 Actor, Joe Regalbuto (Knot's Landing, Frank-Murphy Brown) (69)
   In 1951 Author, Orson Scott Card (Hugo, Nebula) (67)
   In 1951 Drummer, Mike DeRosier (Heart) (67)
   In 1955 Singer/dancer, Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar) (63)
   In 1956 Heavyweight boxer, Gerry Cooney (Olympics-1980) (62)
   In 1956 Actor, Kevin Dunn (JAG, Snake Eyes, Godzilla)  (62)
   In 1957 Actor, Stephen Fry (Narrator-Harry Potter movies) (61)
   In 1958 Actor, Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Three Men And A Baby) (60)
   In 1960 Baseball player, Cal Ripken, Jr. (Orioles) (58)
   In 1961 Bassist, Mark Bedford (Madness) (57)
   In 1962 TV host, Craig Kilborn (The Late Late Show) (56)
   In 1962 Astronaut, Mary E. Weber (STS-101, STS-70) (56)
   In 1963 Singer, John Bush (Anthrax) (55)
   In 1965 Actress, Marlee Matlin (Picket Fences, West Wing) (53)
   In 1965 Basketball player, Reggie Miller (Pacers, Dream Team II) (53)
   In 1970 Country singer, Kristyn Osborn (Shedaisy) (48)
   In 1973 Actor, Dave Chappelle (Con Air, You've Got Mail) (45)
   In 1973 Actress, Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: New York) (45)
   In 1973 Actor, Barret Oliver (Never Ending Story, Cocoon) (45)
   In 1974 Actress, Jennifer Lien (Roanne-Phenom, Kes-Star Trek: Voyager) (44)
   In 1976 Actor, Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) (42)
   In 1981 Actor, Chad Murray (One Tree Hill, Sun Records) (37)
   In 1983 Baseball player, Brett Gardner (Yankees) (35)
   In 1986 Football player, Arian Foster (Texans) (32)
   In 1988 Actor, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley-Harry Potter movies) (30)
   In 1995 Singer, Justine Skye ("Headlines") (23)
   In 2000 Actor, Griffin Gluck (Just Go With It, Red Band Society) (18)


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