Tennis player Andy Roddick turns 36 today. One of the few people in the world whose name rhymes with neurotic.

Lisa Ling turns 45 today. She was on "The View" years ago. To give you an idea how long ago it was, that was back when they talked one at a time. Cameron Diaz turns 46 today. She told CNN that she's "actually retired." She hasn't made a movie since 2014. For all she's done, I still think of her as Fiona in "Shrek."

Actor Timothy Bottoms turns 67 today. Even though he's not working much these days, he's still an early riser. In fact, I'll bet you anything that right now, Bottoms' up!

Peggy Lipton, years ago in TV's "Mod Squad" and once married to Quincy Jones, turns 72 today.

Warren Buffett, or "Uncle Warren" as I like to call him, just in case, turns 88 today. (I'm going to keep calling him uncle until he believes me.) What do you get for a guy who not only owns everything, but he also owns everything that makes everything?


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