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Friday, July 28, 2017

Born On This Day...

In 1746 Attorney, Thomas Heyward (signed the Declaration of Independence)

In 1859 Social reformer, Ballington Booth (founded Volunteers of America)

In 1866 English author, Beatrix Potter (Tale of Peter Rabbit)

In 1874 German philosopher, Ernst Cassirer

In 1887 Painter, Marcel Duchamp (Nude Descending a Staircase)

In 1892 Actor, Joe E. Brown (Show Boat, Some Like It Hot) [d: 7-6-73]

In 1901 Singer, Rudy Vallee (Vagabond Dreams) [d: 7-3-86]

In 1907 Tupperware inventor, Earl S. Tupper [d: 10-5-83]

In 1910 Announcer/actor, Bill Goodwin (Burns & Allen) [d: 5-9-58]

In 1911 Actress, Ann Doran (National Velvet, Longstreet) [d: 9-19-00]

In 1915 Inventor/physicist, Charles Hard Townes (developed lasers) [d: 1-27-15]

In 1915 Banderleader/accordian player, Frankie Yankovic [d: 10-14-98]

In 1916 Actor, Laird Cregar (Here Comes Mr. Jordan) [d: 12-9-44]

In 1922 Swiss undersea explorer, Jacques Piccard (bathyscaph Trieste) [d: 11-1-08]

In 1929 First lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (JFK) [d: 5-19-94]

In 1934 Dancer/educator, Jacques D'Amboise (NYC Ballet Company) (83)

In 1934 Actor/producer, Dwayne Hickman (Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) (83)

In 1937 Pianist/bandleader, Peter Duchin (Peter Duchin Orchestra) (80)

In 1938 Guitarist, George Cummings (Dr. Hook) (79)

In 1943 Basketball player/senator, Bill Bradley (Knicks/D-NJ) (74)

In 1943 Former football player, Lawrence Elkins (Oilers) (74)

In 1943 Singer/keyboardist, Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) [d: 9-15-08]

In 1944 Blues singer/guitarist, Mike Bloomfield (Analine) [d: 2-15-81]

In 1945 Cartoonist, Jim Davis (Garfield) (72)

In 1946 Singer/songwriter, Jonathan Edwards (Sunshine) (71)

In 1946 Actress, Linda Kelsey (Billie-Lou Grant, Kate-Day By Day) (71)

In 1947 U.S. runner, Barbara Ann Ferrell Edmondson (Olympic-Gold-1968) (70)

In 1947 Actress, Sally Struthers (Gloria-All in the Family) (70)

In 1948 Actress, Georgia Engel (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Shirley-Coach) (69)

In 1949 Former baseball player, Vida Blue (AL MVP, 1971) (68)

In 1949 Singer, Peter Doyle (The New Seekers) [d: 10-13-01]

In 1949 Drummer, Simon Kirke (Free, Bad Company) (68)

In 1949 Percussionist/singer, Steven Pereguine Took (T-Rex) [d: 10-27-80]

In 1951 Keyboardist, Gregg Giuffria (House of Lords) (66)

In 1961 Astronaut, Scott E. Parazynski (56)

In 1962 Singer/songwriter, Rachel Sweet (Comedy Channel) (55)

In 1963 Actor, Michael Hayden (Chris Docknovich-Murder One) (54)

In 1964 Actress, Lori Loughlin (Becky-Full House, Hudson Street) (53)

In 1965 Jazz musician, Delfeayo Marsalis (52)

In 1969 U.S. gymnist, Jarrod Hanks (Olympics-1992) (48)

In 1972 Actress, Elizabeth Berkley (Saved by the Bell, Showgirls) (45)

In 1974 Singer, Afroman (Must Have Been High) (43)

In 1974 Actress, Irene Ng (An Li-All My Children) (43)

In 1976 Singer, Coby Dick (Papa Roach) (41)

In 1981 Actor, Billy Aaron Brown (8 Simple Rules, Touched by an Angel) (36)

In 1981 Country singer, Carly Goodwin (36)

In 1986 Actor, Nolan Gerard Funk (Glee, Awkward) (31)

In 1988 Singer, Ayla Brown (American Idol Season 5) (29)

In 1988 Singer, Nicholas Matthews (Get Scared) (29)

In 1988 Football player, Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) (29)

In 1989 Actor, Jonathan Osser (Hiller & Diller) (28)

In 1990 Rap singer, Soulja Boy ("Crank That") (27)

In 1992 Actor, Spencer Boldman (Lab Rats, I'm in the Band) (25)

In 1993 Singer, Cher Lloyd ("I Wish," "Sirens") (24)

In 1995 Singer, Brad Simpson (The Vamps) (22)

In 1998 Actress, Victoria Baldesarra (The Next Step) (19)

In 2001 Actress, Shelby Bain ( The Next Step, Backstage) (16)

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