Philosopher Confucius was born in 550 BC. He offered the world great wisdom, such as, "Man with glass house should dress in basement."

In 1789, Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs, known these days as the State Department. They eventually changed the name of it to the Department of State, so here wouldn't be any confusion with their domestic affairs.

In 1866, the last of 1,686 miles of telegraph cable were dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. It was also when the foreman asked, "So where's the other end go?" and a worker replied, "Other end?"

It was on this date back in 1909 that Orville Wright tested the U.S. Army's first airplane, flying himself and a passenger for one hour and 12 minutes.
  • Unfortunately, not long enough to watch the entire in-flight movie. 
  • Very few people that during that brief flight, they managed to lose two pieces of luggage. 
  • It would have been really impressive if the passenger's luggage hadn't somehow ended up in Cleveland. 

Bugs Bunny debuted in the 1940 short "A Wild Hare," where he first uttered his trademark line, "What's up, Doc?" Credit for the Bugs Bunny character generally goes to Tex Avery, who developed a preliminary character created by fellow animator Ben "Bugs" Hardaway.
  • So Bugs is 77 years old? And Elmer Fudd still hasn't caught up with him. 
  • Wow, Bugs Bunny is 77? That's not carrot juice, it's Metamucil. 
  • Critics described his comedy as "fresh, but it tastes like chicken." 
  • Bugs Bunny made his first cartoon, despite the fact it was Wabbit Season. Duck Season. Wabbit Season! Duck Season! 
  • Until then, "What's up doc?" had been purely a medical question. 
  • Until then, he'd just hang out by freeway off-ramps in Hollywood, holding a sign that said, "Will 'What's up doc?' for food." 

On this date in 1953, the Korean War officially came to an end. Really. Did anyone bother telling them?


Golfer Jordan Spieth turns a mere 24 today. I shoot that on the first hole.

J-Lo's latest squeeze, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, turns 42 today.

Former SNL star Maya Rudolph turns 45 today. Her mom was Minnie Riperton, who sang "Loving You" back in the 70s.

Legendary figure skater Peggy Fleming turns 69 today. She won the gold in 1968 and could probably do it again this year if it wasn't the summer games.

Bobbie Gentry, who became famous years ago with her "Ode to Billy Joe," turns 73 today. If you know where the Tallahatchie Bridge is, you know how the story ends. She sang "Ode to Billy Joe" back in the days when we sang odes.

Another pop singer from the past, Maureen McGovern, hits her 68th birthday. She sang, "The Morning After." After what? After Bobbie Gentry sang "Ode to Billy Joe."

Jerry Van Dyke, Dick's younger brother, turns 86 today. His big claim to fame: a TV show in the 60s called, "My Mother, the Car" and of course, "Coach."

TV pioneer Norman Lear celebrates his 95th birthday. Still a sharp mind.

It's Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day


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