• Add Apple's iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle to the history books. They'll no longer be made. 
  • A majority of Americans believe that transgender individuals should be allowed to serve in the military, according to an exclusive Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday. 
  • Japan is going to impose a temporary 50% tariff on frozen beef from the U.S. and several other countries. This after President Donald Trump named Japan as one of the countries contributing to the U.S. trade deficit. 
  • A couple in Florida have announced their Trump divorce. She was a devout supporter, he was a staunch Democrat and after less than 2 years, it just wasn't working. 
  • Stephen Colbert is going to produce a cartoon series for Showtime about the Trump White House. 
  • Elementary school students in Marion County, Florida, will have more free time after school this year as the school district implements a controversial "homework ban." 
  • The Cowboys' David Irving says he injured his nipple when he lost a nipple ring at camp. 
  • A report says one third of all U.S. households have no savings and are at risk of financial ruin. 
  • Coke Zero is getting a new name: Coke Zero Sugar. 
  • A new study says that being neurotic can help people live longer. 
  • Tesla handed off its first Model 3 on Friday night, streaming the presentation online. 
  • Brazilian President Michel Temer has seen his approval rate drop to a new low of 5%. 
  • The marriage rate in American continues to decline. Couples are waiting longer and getting older before tying the knot. Another way weddings have changed since the recession: They've shrunk. Last year's average wedding had 141 guests, according to an annual survey of couples by the Knot, the wedding website. That's down from 149 guests in 2009. 
  • 70s singer Michael Johnson, whose biggest hit was "Bluer than Blue", died Friday. He was 72. 


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