Born On This Day...

In 1818 Women's rights advocate, Ameila Jenks Bloomer (popularized bloomers)
In 1819 Poet/social reformer, Julia Ward Howe (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
In 1836 Industrialist, Jay Gould (railroad magnate)
In 1837 American gunfighter/entertainer, "Wild Bill" Hickok
In 1867 English novelist/playwright, Arnold Bennett (Great Babylon)
In 1871 French expressionist painter, Georges-Henri Rouault
In 1878 American dancer, Isadora Duncan (founded modern dance)
In 1894 Author, Dashiell Hammett (Maltese Falcon, Thin Man)
In 1897 Physicist, Sir John D. Cockroft (Radar) (Nobel-1951)
In 1907 Scientist/author, Rachel Carson (deplored pesticide use) [d: 4-14-64]
In 1909 Singer, Dolores Hope (Bob Hopes's wife) [d: 9-19-11]
In 1911 Hubert Humphrey, 38th U.S. vice-president [d: 1-13-78]
In 1911 Actor, Vincent Price (The Fly, House of Wax) [d: 10-25-93]
In 1912 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Sam Snead (3-time Masters, PGA) [d: 5-23-02]
In 1915 Novelist, Herman Wouk (Caine Mutiny, Winds of War) [d: 5-17-19]
In 1916 Actor, Willie Best (My Litte Margie, Waterfront) [d: 2-27-62]
In 1918 Actor, Kam Fong (Det. Chin Ho Kelly-Hawaii Five-O) [d: 10-18-02]
In 1918 Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuhiro Nakasone (1982-87) [d: 11-29-19]
In 1922 Actor, Christopher Lee (Man With The Golden Gun, Star Wars III) [d: 6-7-15]
In 1923 U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger (1973-1977) (97)
In 1930 Former FBI Director, William Sessions [d: 7-20-17]
In 1931 Country singer, Kenny Price (Hee Haw) [d: 8-4-87]
In 1935 Jazz singer/pianist, Ramsey Lewis (Ramsey Lewis Trio) (85)
In 1935 Actress, Lee Meriwether (Catwoman-TV's Batman, Barnaby Jones) (85)
In 1936 Actor, Louis Gossett Jr. (Officer & Gentlemen, Iron Eagle) (84)
In 1939 Novelist, Sarah Caudwell [d: 3-00]
In 1939 Country singer, Don Williams (I Believe In You) [d: 9-8-17]
In 1941 Director, Allan Carr (Grease) [d: 6-28-99]
In 1942 U.S. runner, Kent Bede Bernard (Olympic-Bronze-1964) (78)
In 1943 Actor, Bruce Weitz (Hill Street Blues, Mick Belker-Sisters) (77)
In 1945 Singer, Bruce Cockburn (Wonderinging Where The Lions Are) (75)
In 1948 Bassist, Peter Sears (Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship) (72)
In 1954 U.S. breaststroke swimmer, Catherine Carr (Olympic-Gold-1972) (66)
In 1956 Actress/dancer, Lisa Niemi (Dirty Dancing, Will Rogers Follies) (64)
In 1958 Singer/guitarist, Neil Finn (Split Enz, Crowded House) (62)
In 1958 Actress, Linnea Quigley (Night of Demons) (62)
In 1960 U.S. runner, Ray Armstead (Olympic-Gold-1984) (60)
In 1961 Actress, Peri Gilpin (Roz Doyle-Frasier) (59)
In 1961 U.S. canoeist/kayaker, Jon Lugbill (Olympic-92) (59)
In 1961 Actress, Cathy Silvers (Jenny-Happy Days, Foley Square) (59)
In 1963 Actress, Laura Dean (Lisa-Fame) (57)
In 1965 Actor, Todd Bridges (Willis-Diff'rent Strokes, Loomis-Fish) (55)
In 1965 Tennis player, Pat Cash (Wimbeldon, 1987) (55)
In 1966 Drummer, Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains) (54)
In 1968 Baseball player, Frank Thomas (White Sox) (52)
In 1969 Auto racer, Jeremy Mayfield (NASCAR driver) (51)
In 1969 Actor, Dondre Whitfield (All My Children, Another World) (51)
In 1970 Actor, Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Enemy at the Gates) (50)
In 1970 Actor, Glenn Quinn (Mark Healy-Roseanne, Doyle-Angel) [d: 12-3-02]
In 1971 Actor, Paul Bettany (Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander) (49)
In 1971 Actor, Mark Collier (Mike Kasnoff-As the World Turns) (49)
In 1971 Bassist, Brian Desveaux (Nine Days) (49)
In 1971 Singer, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (TLC) [d: 4-25-02]
In 1971 Actress/model, Monika Schnarre (Bold & Beautiful, Elle-90210) (49)
In 1975 Rap singer, Andre 3000 (Outkast) (45)
In 1979 Actress, Marissa Tait (Bold & the Beautiful, Teala-Baby Bob) (41)
In 1994 Actor, Ethan Dampf (Will-American Dreams) (26)
In 1975 Chef, Jamie Oliver (45)
In 1990 Actor, Chris Coffer (Glee) (30)
In 1999 Actress, Lily-Rose Depp (The King) (21)
In 2000 Actress, Maeve Tomalty (Henry Danger) (20)
In 2001 Singer, Zach Herron (Why Don't We) (19)
In 2001 Actress, Izabela Vidovic (Homefront, Wonder) (19)


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