• A wedding ring helps a man in a job interview, but hurts a woman.
  • 18% of women have gotten a credit card behind their spouse's back.
  • Coca-cola cost just 5 cents for its first 73 years of existence.
  • Most of us consider an alarm clock essential, but 12% of us don't have one.
  • When it comes to eating, less than one out of five people eat at the kitchen or dining room table just once a week.
  • The average American watches up to 18 different TV channels.
  • Ladies, if a friend asks you to be a bridesmaid, it will cost you about $1,700.
  • Although they can save you money, the amount of people using coupons has dropped over the last few years.
  • The average guy thinks about this 6 times a day, the average women does 40 times. What? Their hair.
Periodically, a rumor starts on the Internet that says natural redheads will become extinct by the year 2060. Lucky for gingers everywhere, this is a myth. It's true that the gene that causes red hair is recessive, meaning that both parents must have it for their child to have red hair. However, even non-redheads can carry the red hair gene, and it can pop up unexpectedly in generations down the line. (BestLifeOnline.com)


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