Born On This Day...

In 1494 Geologist/scientist, Georgius Agricola (science of mineralogy)
In 1745 French physician, Philipe Pinel (founded psychiatry)
In 1786 French engineer, Marc Seguin (suspension bridge)
In 1808 Louis-Napoleon (Napoleon III) Emperor Of France (1852-71)
In 1850 American sculptor, Daniel Chester French (The Minute Men)
In 1860 Inventor, Charles Gordon Curtis (steam turbine)
In 1879 French fashion designer, Paul Poiret
In 1882 General Holland "Howling Mad" Smith (amphibious warfare)
In 1889 German dictator, Adolph Hitler (Nazi White Supremacist)
In 1893 Spanish painter/sculptor, Joan Miro (surrealist)
In 1898 Manufacturer, Harvey Firestone Jr. (Firestone Tire & Rubber Co)
In 1904 Actor, Bruce Cabot (Diamonds Are Forever, King Kong) [d: 5-3-72]
In 1908 Orchestra leader, Lionel Hampton (vibraphone) [d: 8-31-02]
In 1914 Actress, Betty Lou Gerson (Cruella-101 Dalmations) [d: 1-12-99]
In 1918 Actress, June Storey (Gene Autry films) [d: 12-18-91]
In 1920 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens (1975-2010) [d: 7-16-19]
In 1923 Bandleader, Tito Puente (Mambo King) [d: 5-31-00]
In 1924 Actress, Nina Foch (Spartacus, An American In Paris) [d: 12-5-08]
In 1925 Football coach, Ernie Stautner (Cowboys, Broncos) [d: 2-16-06]
In 1927 Auto racer, Phil Hill (first U.S. driver to win Formula One) [d: 8-28-08]
In 1927 Swiss scientist, K. Alex Muller (superconductivity studies) (94)
In 1937 Actor, George Takei (Sulu-Star Trek) (84)
In 1938 Australian runner, Betty Cuthbert (Olympic-3 Gold-1956) [d: 8-6-17]
In 1939 Singer, Johnny Tillotson (Poetry in Motion) (82)
In 1940 Actor, James Gammon (Major League, Nash Bridges) [d: 7-16-10]
In 1941 Actor, Ryan O' Neal (What's Up Doc, Paper Moon, Main Event) (80)
In 1945 Organist, Jimmy Winston (Small Faces) [d: 9-26-20]
In 1948 Keyboardist, Craig Frost (Grand Funk) (73)
In 1949 Actress, Veronica Cartwright (Daniel Boone, Alien) (72)
In 1949 Actress, Jessica Lange (King Kong, Tootsie, Blue Sky, Rob Roy) (72)
In 1951 Singer, Luther Vandross (Here and Now, Power of Love) [d: 7-1-05]
In 1959 Actor, Clint Howard (Gentle Ben, The Cowboys, EdTV) (62)
In 1961 Baseball player, Don Mattingly (Yankees, Marlins) (60)
In 1964 Actor, Crispin Glover (George McFly-Back To The Future) (57)
In 1964 Actor, Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, The Force Awakens) (57)
In 1967 Actress, Lara Jill Miller (Samantha-Gimme A Break) (54)
In 1967 Drummer, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) (54)
In 1968 TV host, J.D. Roth (Fun House) (53)
In 1968 Tennis player, David Sanchez (53)
In 1969 Country singer, Wade Hayes (52)
In 1970 Actor, Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T.) (51)
In 1971 Actor, Brody Hutzler (Guiding Light, Liam-As the World Turns) (50)
In 1971 Bassist, Mikey Welsh (Weezer) [d: 10-8-11]
In 1972 Actress/singer, Carmen Electra (Baywatch, Starsky & Hutch) (49)
In 1972 Reggae singer, Stephen Marley (49)
In 1976 Actor/singer, Joey Lawrence (Summer Rental, Blossom) (45)
In 1977 U.S. figure skater, Lisa Ervin (U.S. Nationals-4th-1992) (44)
In 1979 Actress, Ruth Connell (Supernatural) (42)
In 1983 Model, Miranda Kerr (first Australian Victoria's Secret Angel) (38)
In 1985 Singer, Jadyn Douglas ("Good Girls Like Bad Boys") (36)
In 1989 Actor, Carlos Valdes (Arrow, The Flash) (32)
In 1999 Singer, Carly Rose Sonenclar (The X Factor-2012) (22)


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