Born On This Day...

In 1747 Naval hero, John Paul Jones ("I have not yet begun to fight")
In 1748 Shipbuilder/designer, George Claghorn (Constitution)
In 1796 Emperor Nicholas I of Russia (1825-55)
In 1818 World chess champion, Adolf Anderssen of Prussia (1851-66)
In 1859 Swedish poet/novelist, Carl Gustaf Verner Von Heidenstam
In 1866 Beatrix (Helen) Potter, created Peter Rabbit stories
In 1873 British inventor, Sidney George Brown (over 1000 patents)
In 1884 Yachtsman, Harold S. Vanderbilt (America's Cup-1930, 34, 37)
In 1888 Actress/swimmer, Annette Kellerman (Naetune's Daughter)
In 1891 Baseball player, Steve O'Neill (Cleveland Indians)
In 1892 Lyricist, Jack Yellen (Ain't She Sweet, Happy Days Are Here Again)
In 1903 Swedish biochemist, Hugh Theorell (studied enzymes) [d: 8-15-82]
In 1910 Opera singer, Dorothy Kirsten [d: 11-18-92]
In 1915 Singer, La Verne Andrews (Andrews Sisters) [d: 5-8-67]
In 1918 Actor, Sebastion Cabot (Family Affair, Time Machine) [d: 8-23-77]
In 1921 Former First Lady, Nancy Davis Reagan (1981-89) [d: 3-6-16]
In 1922 Actor, William Schallert (Martin-Patty Duke Show) [d: 5-8-16]
In 1924 College football coach, Darrell Royal [d: 11-7-12]
In 1925 TV host/producer, Merv Griffin (Merv Griffin Show) [d: 8-12-07]
In 1925 Singer/guitarist, Bill Haley (and the Comets) [d: 2-9-81]
In 1925 Author, Richard Merrell (Alfred Hitchcock Presents) [d: 9-13-98]
In 1927 Actress, Janet Leigh (Houdini, Psycho, My Sister Eileen) [d: 10-3-04]
In 1927 Comedian, Pat Paulsen (Smothers Brothers Show) [d: 4-24-97]
In 1931 Singer/actress, Della Reese (Tess-Touched By An Angel) [d: 11-19-17]
In 1935 Religious leader, Dalai Lama (86)
In 1937 Concert pianist, Vladimir Ashkenazy (Tchakowsky-1961) (84)
In 1937 Actor, Ned Beatty (Deliverance, Superman, Rudy) [d: 6-13-21]
In 1937 Singer, Gene Chandler (Duke of Earl, Groovy Situation) (84)
In 1945 Guitarist, Rik Elswit (Dr. Hook) (76)
In 1945 Actor, Burt Ward (Robin-TV's Batman) (76)
In 1946 43rd U.S. President, George W. Bush (2001-2009) (75)
In 1946 Football player/actor, Fred Dryer (Giants, Rams/Hunter) (75)
In 1946 Actor, Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo, Judge Dredd, Copland) (75)
In 1946 Artist, Jamie Wyeth (An American Vision-Boston) (75)
In 1947 Actress, Shelley Hack (Tiffany-Charlie's Angels) (74)
In 1949 Actor, James Kiberd (Trevor Dillon-Loving) (72)
In 1950 Jazz singer, Phyllis Hyman [d: 6-30-95]
In 1951 Actor, Geoffrey Rush (Shine, The King's Speech) (70)
In 1952 Actor, Grant Goodeve (David-Eight is Enough, Dynasty) (69)
In 1953 Singer/songwriter, Nanci Griffith (From A Distance) (68)
In 1954 Actress, Allyce Beasley (Agnes Dipesto-Moonlighting) (67)
In 1956 Football player, Matt Bahr (Giants) (65)
In 1957 U.S. weightlifter, Mario Martinez (Olympics-1988) [d: 1-14-18]
In 1957 Hockey player, Ron Duguay (Rangers, Red Wings) (64)
In 1958 Actress, Jennifer Saunders (Edina-Absolutely Fabulous) (63)
In 1959 Drummer, John Keeble (Spandau Ballet) (62)
In 1960 U.S. runner, Valerie Brisco-Hooks (Olympic-Gold-1984) (61)
In 1961 U.S. hurdler, Benita Fitzgerald (Olympic-Gold-1984) (60)
In 1961 Actress, Kimberly Foster (Dallas, All My Children) (60)
In 1964 U.S. relayer, Lillie Leatherwood (Olympic-Gold-1984) (57)
In 1966 Actor, Glenn Scarpelli (Alex-One Day At A Time) (55)
In 1967 Football player, Alvin Harper (Cowboys, Bucs) (54)
In 1973 Actor, William Lee Scott (Bullethead-Steve Harvey Show) (48)
In 1975 Rap performer, 50 Cent (46)
In 1978 Actress, Tamera Mowry (Sister Sister) (43)
In 1978 Actress, Tia Mowry (Sister Sister) (43)
In 1979 Prince, Nicolas Daniel Mauricio (Netherlands) (42)
In 1979 Actor/comedian, Kevin Hart (Ride Along) (42)
In 1980 Basketball player, Pau Gasol (Grizzlies, Lakers) (41)
In 1980 Actress, Eva Green (Kingdom of Heaven, Casino Royale) (41)
In 1983 Actor, Gregory Smith (Small Soldiers, Everwood) (38)
In 1988 Singer, Katy Tiz ("The Big Bang") (33)
In 1990 Actor, Jeremy Suarez (The Bernie Mac Show, Jerry Maguire) (31)
In 1994 Actresses, Camilla and Becky Rosso (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) (27)


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